Aura of resonance not resetting is still an issue

Logged onto my character (Astroneko) and i was still at 0 aura of resonance. I have not done chaos dungeon since yesterday which was at least 12 hours before reset. It is now 12 hrs after reset and I still do not have anything.

This is honestly ridiculous considering how

  1. Significant the rewards are
  2. time gated it already is
  3. there is no acknowledgement of this issue
  4. no compensation for this issue being present since launch

By any chance are you doing special missions at your stronghold? Special missions that give you chaos dungeon loot consume the aura of resonance, the same thing goes for guardian raid special missions.

If you haven’t been doing them then idk what’s going on.

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100% he doing this


No I have never done that mission in the stronghold. I have quite literally never touched either the chaos dungeon mission or the guardian missions. This is a bug that has been in the game for ages and still has not been resolved.

also to add onto this, I basically never enter the stronghold on this character since I don’t have the button bound on my hotbar, and just to be 100% sure, I went in and checked if there were any special missions (there were not)