Aura vs swiftness build paladin: which is better?

topic says it all. should i be stacking specialization with swift on necklace to maximize the aura, or is maximizing swiftness for faster cast speed better?

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I like swift much better and and with expert the full spec build feels obsolete i Think… swift with 400+ spec on nec is better in my opinion

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Max swift, spec on necklace. Paladin has long cooldowns and swiftness is the way to go, more up time on shields and dps buffs

Spec paladin is more on coordinated teams where you always take advantage of your Holy Aura burst windows since you have more uptime of that over Swift Paladin.

But, Swift Paladin is still better in general gameplay because you get CDR and Movespeed by stacking Swiftness (which are both beneficial stats for paladin).

The typical setup is getting Spec/Swiftness on the Necklace and put all Swiftness on your Rings and Earrings.