Auto 24hr chaos dungeon is legitimate

cheating is illegal and will get ban but auto 24hr chaos dungeon won’t. :joy:


‘Fighting bots’

Yeah right

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Hello adventurer, we are aware of the issue. this is an ongoing battle that will take some time and we understand how frustrating it is.

See you in aethernum!

Gotchu ms CM, no need to worry about this one


Oh you can buy auto chaos directly in forum.
I do believe they should implement it and add it shop. For some money you get loot from chaos - you can select character and get in mail bound items daily.
Could be added in aura.

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I’ve heard many reports of players meeting bots during Chaos groups, but I’d assume much more auto solo them. They probably bot during afk periods and play normally when available. Bots are out of control.

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I met one in Abyss raid, so sad. Just goes around in circles, attacking randomly and dies. Wondered why they wouldn’t do the mech nor respond to in chat

We left it, what a waste of time

Yeah, I am kinda fine with people running bots to farm chaos for pushing that ilvl, it’s cheating but doesn’t affect me so I can live with it, but bot leeches in Abyssals/Raids? Fk no.

they already affect the market price of mats.

for better or worst, they make some things cheaper and some things more expensive, but one thing is it makes getting gold harder as we cannot sell stuff at higher prices

Gold we need for honing. I’m just relying on rinse and rpt abyss raids and selling items here and there. No 80k stuff to sell here

I have horrible rng in dropping accessories as well, never managed to earn any gold on them. It’s funny how they nerfed gold income for us because Korea has gold inflation but didn’t adjust honing gold prices…

EAC working as intended, right?