Auto dismantle doesn't work when I buy the chest after raid, and abyss trade exchange

I’m really only concerned about auto dismantling any item that has dom, expertise, or endurance.

this works fine when I get loot from auto picking up in chaos dungeons, and harvesting guardian souls in guardian raids.

but this doesn’t work when I buy a chest after the end of a raid, or when I exchange my crafting mats from abyssal dungeons for accessories.

i have no engravings marked as favorites. this is my auto dismantle window. the only option i have for ‘apply auto dismantle’ is ‘upon gaining drops’

Is there a way to make this work for the above mentioned?

yes thats very anoying indeed

Auto-dismantle only works with items dropped in the floor, thus items your pet can grab. Chest items are not dropped to the floor, they only appear on the inventory directly, thus cannot be dismantled automatically.

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