Auto dismantle function bug

Good day,
Despite above settings, no accessories are being auto dismantled.
When attempting to select Accessories in the top section, ALL accessories are dismantled.

Clssck of Index Gaming

Hello, I have shared with the team the issues users are experiencing with the auto dismantle function. Thank you!

@OminousOnion Thanks for the reply. I think a misunderstanding is also in how the engravings function works with the accessories. Maybe it is working as intended, but with more research I’ve found accessories with “unwanted” stats do infact have a “favorited” engraving.

You have accessories unchecked. Reguardless of other settings, you need them checked to dismantle

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I did more research, and you are CORRECT. The issue I was having is FAVORITEs do not cross over from character to character. So with no favorites, it would just dismantle EVERYTHIHNG. Once I made this adjustment, it seems to be working better than before. Thanks for the insight.