Auto dismantle issue

I just watched as the “auto dismantle function” automatically dismantled a necklace with crit/swiftness stats.
As I have it set, and based on how I understand the wording, it should only dismantle expertise and endurance stats. Nothing else.

“Dismantle items with any of the following Combat Stat bonuses.”
→ As I understand this, everything marked gets dismantled.

I was wondering, why I have not seen any accessories in my inventory since the release of the item level 1415/1445 content.
This has to be a bug. Please confirm or deny.
If it is not, please also explain which part of my settings is causing my accessories to be dismantled.


Hey there, Schnarchnase.

I’ll see if I can get some additional information regarding this for you.

You have set the rank to relic, so it dismantles EVERTHING. You have to deselct Accessoires in the upper frame or set Qualität to legendary. The priority goes from the upper section down. The stats Selection is just a bonus like it says in the tooltip ( regatless of quality) so it dismantles the Accessoires at relic even if you set it to green in the upper section. Try it if you dont belive it. I tryd it in chaos dungeon and so it works.

Nothing you said in this post has anything to do with what he’s experiencing issues with.

His settings are correct and if he indeed had a crit/swift necklace that got dismantled then it is bugged. It’s possible that it was Crit/Endurance or Crit/Expertise and that is why it was dismantled. Perhaps you misread it OP.

ok let me explain it a bit more in detail.

  1. the autodismantle settings only applys to loot that drops on the ground. like from chaos dungeon, guardian raid orbs or worldbosses.
    It does NOT apply to loot from boxes out of your inventory or raid rewards like in Argos. (this is why you always end up with crap Accessoires from your Argos runs)

  2. the first selection is for the type of drops. if you set it like this, then ALL drops are selected for dismantling.

  3. the next part is for the quality of the selection. so it meants EVERTHING relic Tier3 and below

    so with this settings you leave a chaos dungeon with absolutely nothing left in your inventor exept materials.

  4. if you want to keep something, then you have to deselect or change the above options somehow.
    There are two possibilities.
    You can deselect the Accessoires like this

    but this means no Accessoires at all will be dismantled. and this is not what we want.
    for this purpose is the Stats selection. like this

    so this means all Accessoires with the selected stats will be dismantled regardless of the quality.
    But this also means if you get greens > legendarys with crit / swift / spec they are also NOT dismantled.

    a second option can be this (these are my settings atm)

    with this setting you end up with only good stuff above blue . but you have to dismantle the drops from chaos dungeon manual. but you can do it easy with the buttons in the dismantle window

i hope this helps a bit to understand.
pls before you post any untested answers , test it for yourself in a chaos dungeon run oder guardian raid.


As Max said correctly, it is not a bug.

Your dismantle settings basically say:
Dismantle all gear (Helm, Chest, Pants,…), accessories and ability stones with the rank Relic or below

→ it dismantles everything

The only exceptions to this are your skill tree equipment pieces, because you checked the box at the bottom.

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This is only partially right, the top half you set the general rule of dismantling, since you checked all the boxes, all gear accessory and ability stones of rank relic or below get dismantled.

Later when we get Ancient accessories (above Relic), then those will NOT get dismantled because your filter says “Relic or below”, so Ancients do not get dismantled.

BUT Ancient accessories with Endurance and Expertise do get dismantled with your settings, because you checked the box for dismantling them regardless of rank, tier and quality

Two methods to “fix” are:

Either uncheck the accessories at the top, so accessories will not get dismantled by default but only those with endurance and expertise get dismantled


Set the rank to legendary, so your relic accessories won’t get dismantled, only those with endurance or expertise.
But this will leave you with broken relic equipment pieces as well.

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That is such a weird system.
It has to be a mistranslation or terrible design flaw.

If I set it to “relic or below” and add in “endurance and expertise have to go”, I am expecting anything that is not endurance or expertise to stay.

Thanks for explaining. @Sophomore @mr_max

@Centeotl If you could ask your superiors to add in a proper explanation panel into the game for future confusions on this topic, that would be great.
Just something as simple as, “this part here takes priority and overwrites all the rest” would help already.


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Yeah there are so many mistranslations and bad wordings in the game, I keep telling myself that one day I will collect them all and report at once

A lot of the systems are not intuitive and without proper explanations, hard to understand

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I just saw my dropped class accessory with good stat got dismantled… and i wish the system chat let us see what kind of accessory got dismantled (clickable to view info).

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community, Dendroid.

Sorry to hear this happened to you with your item and thank you for your feedback regarding the auto dismantle mechanic.

Guys, If you select Accessories in the first Row, EVERYTHING will get dismantled.

Even Crit, Swiftness or Spec.

Remove those or you will loose a lot of potentional gold.

Really appreciate this in depth comment @mr_max!