Auto dismantle not working on amulets?

auto dismantle not working on amulets?

we dont even have bracelets yet wtf you on about?

cry me a river, english is not my native language

They are talking about the amulets in choas dungeons with skill transfer I’m sure.

Auto dismantle does ‘kinda’ work on them however you need to go into auto dismantle and select the new amulet box as well as going into skill settings->settings and saving your skill tree notifications since the settings have changed.

no it doesnt work for me, even when I check amulet in the auto dismantle settings as well as change the skill tree notification to e.g. lvl5. after chaos dungeon I always have all amulets in inventory that dont have any notification on it

Can you share your auto dismantle window? I know how to do it but I don’t remember the things correct name out of my head


Unselect this and you are good to go!

it worked with the broken chaos dungeon gear before - is this translation wrong?

I don’t actually know but since you choose to keep all level 5 stuff and it says exclude stuff with selected level or something like that, I think it doesn’t dismantle all level 5s if you select that

yeah I want to dismantle everything < level 5

If you select that option on my ss, it also keeps the tripods you didn’t select, keeps all of them. If you only want to keep the tripods of skills you selected you gotta unselect that option

This is just a guess but it feels like the matching is text based, so if you have quick prep selected on one particular skill but it also drops for different skill that also has quick prep you get that in your inventory. It seems to auto-dismantle most of them, just not all.