Auto dismantle or broken or my brain is?

Here’s my auto dismantle settings:

All good with dismantling armours that don’t have tripods, however I don’t understand what’s going on with jewellery… If I tick those boxes in the first bit, then all my jewellery starts getting dismantled regardless of stats, if I untick those and only leave the ones below it that list the stats I don’t want, then nothing get’s dismantled at all, even the ones with garbo stats. What’s going on?

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I never trusted that system in the first place. I do it all manually ))

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The upper part don’t apply to the lower part. Engravings matter only with main stat.

Engravings works fine, please read my post again, I think you don’t understand what the issue is

Those tick boxes are upper part. Stats are lower part.

Did you set engravings as favourites?
You have to do it per character.

I see you didnt mark the accs in the upper part.

Try doing this

It’s amazing how difficult the auto dismantle menu is to understand.

Same for me, since then I just manually dismantel accs…
I thought I am just too dumb for the menu :smiley:


there is already a thread on this topic
pls read this Autodismantle

That explanation is terrible, you either tick and all of your jewellery gets dismantled or none at all. That bit where you choose stats doesn’t work

change the item quality from do not consider to anything else

Did this. Items that have fav engravings don’t get disenchanted now, even if they have trash stats

Thats the idea about favourite engraving dude.
Unmark then the “exclude favoureite engraving” thing.

But mark the upperside as shown (I mean, mark all accesories on the top, etc)

I would not like that settings, but if it works for you, lets go.

Just tell us later if works, for science :smiley:

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I understand what you are trying to do, and the picture linked to you is exactly how to do it. It does not dismantle everything if you leave the top boxes ticked and the stat boxes ticked. You most likely only noticed an instance where a specific run only gave you accs with those unwanted stats. It actually happens more than you would think. Just make sure your selections match the one in the photo exactly.

No it doesn’t work exactly as I want. I want it to go like that

  1. Does the item have favourite engraving? If yes, proceed to step 2. Otherwise disenchant regardless of stats
  2. Does the item have either domination, expertise or endurance? If yes, then disenchant

What actually happens, is that if item passes step 1 it doesn’t go to step 2 and you end up with items that have your fav engravings, but dog stats

My wish is that the auto dismantle worked on things like Oreha and Abyss Raid loot boxes.

But I switched mine to 2 favorites and went and favorited all the good engravings in my menu, been pretty solid since I did that.

Yeah, but then you end up with items with good engravings and trash stats?

Not a lot, but yes. Where stats are taken account, engravings, and only engravings are taken into account.

No matter how you try, you still have to manually dismantle a lot. Also this whole system only works with chaos dungeon and guardian raids anyway. And field bosses, that’s about it.

It doesn’t apply at all in abyssal dungeons, abyssal raid and legion raids.

The general idea is you use the system to dismantle automatically as much as you can, without making it dismantly anything that actually could be useful or some value. Then, you manually dismantle and sort out the rest.

Unfortunately this isn’t do able, it basically works as if "does it have stat X? yes? keep, otherwise disenchant UNLESS there is favorite engraving X, then keep.

It also works vice versa. I’ve found the most successful route is the x2 engraving, as those are the ones that generally matter, and the 3 bottom stats. you’ll still get some junk here and there thats like domination + 2 good engravings but it clears 95% of dropped accessories.

The two options are mutually exclusive if either condition is met then the accessory is kept, if neither is met the accessory is dismantled.