Automated playing technique

Back in the day, this is an exploit. Using bots to farm creates super long que’s for server logins. In game is also effected by L O N G loading times. It seems like your game freezes. I tried to quit, twice, but I just gained level 50 and now can enjoy all that has to offer…at least that’s the idea. Dev’s should filter names. This seems to be common among the bots. Something HAS to be done. Play quality is being compromised. Am I wrong? Explain it to me please.

Alternative: teach us all how to farm and tell us why we should…?

Congrats on getting to lvl 50.

Apart from that: this topic is being discussed in all lengths everywhere in this board already. It is frustrating, yes, but creating new threads isn’t gonna fix it.

Hey thx Bimochim, I appreciate your response and agree that we don’t need another topic on this. There’s nothing worse than … trying to play when you can?

However, I believe this is associated to guides/tips/playing techniques. I think the Dev’s themselves are farming. So just like every other aspect of this wonderful adventure, we are constantly searching for guides and tips on advancing our character(s). Reading through this post you can see I am actually looking for this farming tutorial, as it plays out through the game. So I would argue that it is indeed: On Topic. If this gaming technique is part of the playing experience, then share it. If it is not, than action is required and it needs to be front and center and not buried under one single thread. Right now, this is questionable.

I am attached to my character, like a favorite pet. I’m sure a lot of players feel like this. It’s amazing, really, what new play modes become available at level 50. I haven’t even started an alt yet! Why would I…now?

Sometimes you need to really break something to fix it. So lets all farm. Lets let the “NEW” user community know what they are in for after investing so much into their character.

I would encourage the community to record and publish their own experiences and share their techniques in regards to any play aspect of this great gaming adventure. I’m not stopping until I have answers. I’m not googling it either, it’s gonna come from right here…