Automated Ticket System

This is an interaction between me and a support person from AGS. How is it that your automated system fails, UNDENIABLE evidence is provided that it was server side issue, and they still apparently cant do anything about it. There’s no way this should be a thing.

Me [3:34:48 PM] : Lost ark

Allan Roberto [3:35:07 PM] : Awesome! how can i help you today?

Me [3:38:18 PM] : 3 days ago i tried to enter Oreha’s Well hard mode Abyssal dungeon and my party got the desync bug. We didnt get in, so we waited 30 seconds then remade the party. We tried to go in again and We got the same bug, but this time after 10 seconds we were sent to the loading screen. After the 60 seconds wait time i was kicked out back to my stronghold and lost my ability to enter the dungeon. I have video proof of this aswell as proof that it was not on my end due to the fact that you can hear and see my discord friends speaking while im waiting on the load screen. Ive waited 48 hours and nothing. Your automated system is currently failing so im requesting a manual interaction. Since this error is not on my end and an issue server side. Here is the attached youtube video.

Me [3:38:19 PM] : Lost ark Lost Entrance - YouTube

Allan Roberto [3:40:39 PM] : I’m so sorry to hear about that, unfortunately if you don’t get the loot after the 24h-48h time frame that mean that you weren’t eligible and will need to wait for the weekly reset. We apologize for the inconvenience this could cause you, due to policies we need to follow, the only way to obtain the re-entry ticket is by the automated system.

Me [3:43:20 PM] : That’s complete bull. I know you have a job to do and guidelines to follow. So i appreciate your response. If you dont mind i will post this to the forums for more community feedback and hopefully the next time someone provides undeniable video evidence, the system might get updated to allow for manual intervetion.