Availability of Adventure islands [NA West]

To Discuss
-Not enough Adventure island time

Not to discuss:
-Whether AU?NZ should have their own server or move away.


  • increase the number of available time for Adventure islands to cover the entire day/night

This is particularly valid for [NA West] servers, as it’s widely populated with AU/NZ players. Most of the time the adventure islands are only open twice during the day, 2 hours apart, which is right in the middle of the night/early moring but also in the middle of the day for NA people who could be working.

It’s quite frustrating not to be able to complete this content which has often a low drop rate for the island tokens. I would enjoy having more options to do these islands.


I agree that they need to add more times for this. I live in the US but I work nights. I can only do these once a week. Same thing with the sailing co-ops.

I heavily agree with this some people have night shifts and some people have day shifts

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