Average Crit Chance - what are you experiences?

Greetings, traveler.

I have been testing around a lot in Trixion the last few days - whenever I have the time. I was also looking more actively at how often I see crits in real combat.

What I have noticed is very strange.
Note: playing Sharpshooter.

Test 1:
Hallucination 6-Set Level 1, Crit Chance +15% (4-Set,), Crit Chance +5% (6-Set with Reality buff active, which is permanently active after 10seconds into the fight)
So an overall of +20% Crit Chance from Hallucination 6-Set.
+40% from Snipe’s Tripod “Easy Prey”. Resulting in already 60% Crit Chance.
+5% from Adrenaline1, + 17.71% from my current Crit Stat. +7% from Card Set.
Resulting in a Crit Chance of 89.71% without Synergy.
Sharpshooter’s other damage skills all have tripods resulting in the same +40% Crit Chance at level 5 Tripods. Except for Charged Shot, which is +50% Crit Chance.

Trixion Result: Average Crit Chance of 70%.
Feels like 50% in real combat.

Test 2:
The exact same Tripods, Cards, Stats. Only difference, No Hallucination Set. Resulting in 69.71% Crit Chance.

Trixion Result: Average Crit Chance 60-65%.
Feels like 20% in real combat.

89.71% vs 69.71% and the results are basically the same in average Crit Chance.
Fun Fact: I use 2-Nightmare 4-Domination instead of Hallucination for the second test. Resulting in 3.2m instead of 3.0m DPS. Despite 20% less theoretical Crit Chance.

I was wondering, if anyone else made experiences like this. And if not, what is your Crit Chance at when you have better results?

I am asking, because many veterans from other regions have told me, “60% is the sweet spot to aim for.” And I have made exactly the opposite experience. The sweet spot to aim for is 100%, straight up. Sacrifice your first born if you have to :rofl:
No crit = no damage.
Less than 100% Crit Chance = no crits when you need them.


My experience with crit chance is that I crit a percentage of the time equal to my crit rate. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have 70%+ crit on my demonic with adrenaline and salvation set and I feel like crit is my best friend in guardian raids, everytime I use the big skill, it always crits, but when I go to Vykas with the same stats, it’s often that I don’t crit on the big skill. Idk if it’s just rng not being with me in Legion Raids :smiley:


My experience is that it’s a 50/50. You either crit or you don’t.


Never had issue with % crit rate. If you fight on trixion and hit the boss’ back you get 5%(?) Crit bonus from it, that’s the only difference I can think of.

As for 60%, that’s because it is when Keen Blunt Weapon gives an average of 16% damage increase at normal crit damage (which is the normal value of an engraving)

Edit: see the response below me for actual numbers on back attack/front attack

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10% crit chance+ 5% damage from back


Sharpshooter is a Hit Master class

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Hit master or not, there are skills you can use that have the back attack mod that affects your crit rate

I was just pointing out they can affect your tests, if that’s not part of it, then that’s that lol

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Well i feel the same and i cant wait for bracelets to come, they should fix the crit issues if you look at KR. Im playing surge and got 17% from stats, 15% adrenaline, 17% from entropy set, 7% cards and 10% back attack, thats 66% crit rate, trixion shows an average of 70%. Sometimes in Guardian raids i hit 4 crit surges in a row, next run i hit none. Every skill in my rotation crits but surge doesnt and it feels so cursed tbh. And btw, thats a difference of 60-70m damage, non crit surges hit 20m and crit surges 80-90m …

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Im paladin main(thats out of topic), with

1415 destroyer crit spec argos set [Class, Grudge, Super Charge, KBW]

1370 artilerist spec crit argos [2 Class, Grudge, KBW]

1370 Scrapper spec crit argos [Class Shock, Grudge, Adrenaline, Ambush]

Gonna be 1370 Sorceress crit swift planning [Reflux, Precise Dagger, KBW, Grudge/Adrenaline]

So basically im dabbling with crit class. I do feel crit proc more in my destroyer with >80% Crit rate. Not so much with so-so crit rate 60-75% crit rate. So in my opinions, at least 75% or if can push to 80%+ crit in total (dont push more than 90% especially back attack classes), then you will see quite sums of crit damage popping out. And then slowly tuning it down and up spec if your damage depend on spec also. If its swift, its up to you.

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Im a 1505 Sharpshooter and i tried Out some stuff and Cane to the conclusion to have 100% critchance on Snipe No Matter what build im running


None of those are main dps skills, that I mentioned.
Sorry, a bit tense right now. Wasn’t meant offensive.

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So correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it because of an enemy’s crit resistance? I say this because one of the synergy skills on a wardancer is lower crit resistance on an enemy. So that must mean that varying bosses have varying crit resistances too. Right?

That’s just the wording of it, to my knowledge. Reducing crit resistance is the same as increasing your teammate’s crit rate on that monster by that number (arcana’s return reduce crit res by 10%, so it increases crit rate by 10%)

As far as I know, there’s nothing in the game that’s major that reduces crit rate. Because if it existed, sorceress mains would cry, and when they cry, SG changes what makes them cry lol

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If you ain’t 100% it’s rng ma dude. I play some gachas with gearing system and I always try to gear my units to have 100% else if not 100% there’s always gonna be that one important time where you need to crit but game be like nope you gonna hit the 1% chance not to crit this time.
If you want to know what true pain is, make db striker and do a hard earned tiger strike to the back of the annoying boss and see white numbers instead of big D crit. Pure agony.