Avoid Azena server for NA East

Incase you didn’t know, all the big time streamers including Asmongold are rumored to play on Azena. If you want to avoid craziness, I recommend avoiding this server.

So anybody have any clue on what server will have the next best population?


Thanks for this, so apparently Regulus will be the next most populated server after Azena. I mean I don’t know how accurate this is but it’s something I suppose.

Una it is :stuck_out_tongue:

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pretty sure asmongold said he was planning to play on Galatur, but regardless Azena will be the most popular.

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Azena is going to be crazy anyways

Whats an Asmongold? Cash shop item?


He was, but now he changed to Azena last I heard.

So I’ve been trying to find this information out for a little while now and have a lot of resources. I’m curious as to what your resources are and how true it is. The only thing I’ve heard is that Asmon was rumored to be going Galatur, but didn’t mind going somewhere else if is other streamer friends decided to.

Can’t stand asmongold, blocked any pop up
of his in any streaming service or media. Not sure how people like watching this person who’s good at nothing but playing around video games.

I get avoiding some servers, etc for streamers in other games, but since PvP, auction house, and most dungs, etc are instanced across region, why does it matter that much? You’d only potentially ever see X streamer in a city or open world, and how is that going to be different than just seeing any other player or group of players?

(Not arguing against, btw - I normally avoid streamer servers in most games - I’m just genuinely curious as to why it’s a ‘thing’ in LA, since it doesn’t seem like it would matter as much as in other games).

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As a new player highly recommend not picking any of the large servers. You will never keep up with your server and you will never get to play GvG later.

What about the opposite - picking a server that ends up lowpop? Does KR/RU versions have server merge infrastructure setup, or server transfers, or are we going to be stuck on a lowpop (potentially)?

Would rather be on high pop and be fine as the game and player pop ages/decays over time, rather than being stuck on a server that becomes lowpop (and thus has little to no decent gvg either).

Where’s the happy balance there?

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Any real source besides “you heard”?

High population servers will have competition at best gathering spots. I am sure there are other reasons, but this is a big one for me. Even though a couple of these servers may appear to be low in the beginning, I am sure all the new players jumping in will just go to those. Not sure if we would end up having a “low” population server until they stand up new ones. All speculation right now. The main reason for low is if you find yourself a really good (and large) guild joining a non-streamer server. Less competition for GvG.


Gathering spots is what worries me the most. It’s why I keep changing my server to the less and less populated ones. :cry:

so Una looking like a middle ground?

My highest concern with high population server is that they might close for character creation and my friends can’t join me on the 11th, so I want to avoid them as much as possible

If you guys are asking for 100% confirmation that Asmongold is going to Azena, than no I don’t have that. It’s all speculation until he actually plays the game, but yes rumor is he’s changing from Galatur to Azena. Whether you want to believe that rumor or not it’s up to you, but I’ve heard from a number of people that this is the case. I don’t think this rumor popped up out of nowhere though.

However I do have a clip below from Saintone addressing the rumor, and also acknowledging that Azena will indeed be the streamer server. He’s one of the biggest LA content creators out there, believe him if you want or not, but he probably knows more than any of us.

Streamers going Azena? (Uh oh) - Twitch

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Servers being full and having to wait long que times to get in the game could be a possibility.