[Awakening] Friend's Determination


i’ve got a problem with the Quest [Awakening] About a Friend.

At Part 7: [Awakening] Friend’s Determination i am stuck. Nothing happens, if i press the compass it shows that i have to go to castle vern to meet Queen Ealyn, then i go to her Castle and she is gone.

I restarted the quest 2 times now, restarted the game several times etc.

GS 526.

A Friend of mine at GS 506 just completed the Quest, but i cant go further.

Please help me…

Here you can see two screenshots:

Okay, after doing several other Quest i got the solution for this.

I had an active Relationship Quest from Queen Ealyn and due to this Quest she was waiting at a different Location for me… after finishing this Side Quest i could go on with the Awakening Quest.

Maybe this Thread can stay open if other ppl have same Problem