[Awakening Quest] Auto Complete


I am from OCE region and enjoy playing on NA West. I recently did the awakening quest aquired via Beatrice. I went through the chain quest and did all the stages except the last stage (final).

upon redeeming rewards for the second last quest in the chain, the quest automatically completed and didnt proceed me to the last stage (final) and it now sits in my completed quests section in my journal despite it not being complete.

As i am Post lv.50 and have cleared rohendal without an awakening skill it is limiting my gameplay :frowning:

Can i please get this fixed.

Same thing happened to me. :frowning: Not sure what to do.

Had the same problem, fixed it by using the power pass on a new character (unlocking the awakening on that character) and then going back to Trixion with the first character where the mission bugged.

Hi Tyong,

Thanks for this, i will attempt to do this once maintenance is over and see if it works for me.

Though it shouldnt happen this way.

Hi There,

For anyone else who has this issue, it is rectified by going and talking to Sasha and you can pick up your awakening quest from the final stage that it auto completed on.

Happy gaming :slight_smile:

Thanks for this tips, also as a note, this helped me to finish. Lost Ark: I Can’t Just Sit On My Hands (Quest) - Riseupgamer Oh , I love this game :slight_smile: