Awakening quest buged?

I was trying to get my awakening abilitys by following the core quest and after the second quest in the chain finished it never gave me the third. So im now stuck not being able to get my awakend ability. I can search in the completed tab for the chain but there is no way of getting it back or redoing the whole thing. i just copied and pasted this because mine did the same thing, my berserker cant get the awakening quest after it disappeared and never continued it.

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I have the exact same problem but it happened to me on the 2nd one :frowning: i didnt get it!!
I have a theory, did u create one of the insta lvl 50 alters while u were doing the awakening?
Cuz the awakening skill is 1 per account, and as the alters got the awakening maybe it counts as if u already did the quest so u cant complete it on the one who was halfroad to complete it D:
Thats what i think but i have no idea

i did boost a alt but i didnt do the awakening on the boosted just boosted to get the 2nd boost, unless it gives it right away on the boosted char, but after that is when it buged out

just checked yeah my alt has a awakening skill after the boost, i hope they get this fixed and i bet your right on your theory