Awakening quest completed but no skill added to my inventory

I reached lvl 50 and completed the Trixion awakening quest, which is supposed to give me the awakening skill. But other then the extra ability, i didnt received any awakening skill.
I checked if i had to finish the mission, maybe i didnt finish it, but in my “completed quest” tab the awakening quest appear to be completed. The one thing that i dont understand it’s why the game tells me its finished if never completed the last two fases of the quest?

Hello, and welcome to the community!

Sorry to hear about the with skill not being assigned after completing the quest.

Please try running a Steam File Verification and then try doing the steps listed by @MoistProvolone:

The problem is that the quest chain can go under [Completed] after you finish a step and then stay there not providing a marker to the next spot.

Step 1: Go into your completed quest tab in your Journal under [Trixion].

Step 2: Identify what quest part you are at and then google the NPC Start location (This varies per class so im unable to reference them all) I used lostarkcodex to lookup the quest name.

Step 3: identify the location on the map where the NPC is and Travel that way. Once in the same area you will be able to see their quest icon on the map.

And let me know if you can continue the quest after this.


Hi, you need to do an additional side quest before you can equip and use the awakening skill

In Rothum there is a purple quest giver to the north of the city, do that quest and you will be able to equip and use your awakening skill

Lostarkcodex Screenshot
I’ve done the Steam File Verification, then i checked on the Lostarkcodex in which stage i was stuck on, and the quest tells me i need to read a book the quest gave me, but i have no “Mage’s Book of Eulogies” in my inventory. So i supposed that maybe i red the book before this bug happened, so i went to speak with the NPC “Minerva”, but other then a secondary “yellow” quest she didnt give anything else.

Thank for supporting me.

Hi im farming for T2 to keep doing the main quest, and didnt discover this part of map alreaady.
Furthermore I have seen many tutorials that they don’t say to do this precise quest to unlock my awakening skill.

Thank for your help.

(btw im tallking about my first awakening ability)

Hi again,

It’s unfortunate that the quest is still not completable.

Just to make sure, did you check what @AussieTerror posted?

In case it doesn’t apply or work, at this point since the troubleshooting has not resolved the issue, it would be best to :point_right: Contact Us through a live channel so we can check out what is happening with the quest as soon as possible.

It would be best to do so via a live contact since we will require some information (game logs and diagnostics files) that it’s better not to post on the forums.