Awakening Skills in PVP

Awakening skills are obviously extremely powerful. Including in PVP. However, for some reason, using them in PVP still requires you to use chaos shards for it. This is a problem for multiple reasons:

  1. Newer players do not know of chaos shards, but are able to PVP way before Awakening Skills are explained to them.
  2. The otherwise equal-footing PVP stance is thrown out the window when one player has the ability to use Awakening Skill and the other one does not.
  3. PVP itself does not give you chaos shards to sustain their usage in PVP.
  4. And most importantly, because cross-server partying in PVP is not possible, the only other option you have is to create an alt account on another server to group up with friends playing there. But since Silver is not account-wide, you will run out of shards and have no way to sustain them, since that is only your alt for PVP purposes made only as a work-around for a flaw in the system.

There are two core issues, firstly the ability to party cross-server is desperately needed, and secondly you shouldn’t have to worry about shards in an environment where players are supposed to be on a perfectly equal footing.

Overall, there are several fixes possible for this mix of problems:

  1. Awakening skills do not require shards in PVP.
  2. PVP sustains the shards or silver for you.
  3. Partying cross-server for PVP is made possible.
  4. Silver being account-wide.

Quite frankly I just want to play PVP with my friends who are on another server. Since cross-server partying is lacking, I am fine with leveling an alt to Luterra Castle to PVP with them, but being unable to have a fair PVP since I lack the shards for Awakening Skill is a disaster. I don’t want to start grinding for silver on a purely PVP alt on another server just to have a fair fight. That makes no sense.


I wish we could really get the Chaos Shards for free or smth, it makes no sense to spend silver to use a SKILL in PVP, like if I grind 50 matches daily, I need to buy 50 chaos shards??? That’s absurd.

oh nice ,i was thinking about playing this game, now that i read this post, alt +f4

I was thinking about play this game everyday until i find out about this… :sweat_smile:

Silver is so ridiculously easy to get. It’s not even a grind. I have 112k just doing basic low level questing and each chaos shard is like 250silver. It’s such a trivial amount. It’s not like you need to spend gold on it.

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It’s plain bad design… i want to pvp a lot at cost of no reward and paying for it? Why this punishment? Sure i can spend all my silver on it , i got 22k .

Idk what to tell you. It’s such a trivial amount that I can’t sympathize.

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I’m level 27 can some1 even tell me what’s the closest town i can buy these shards at? I want to PVP but game doesn’t allow me to use my best skill… is this a new form of pay to win to annoy new players?

you have to be stupid by the time you reach 50 (12 hours?) you’ll be sitting on 500 shards and over a mill silver so 4000 shards basically. it isnt p2w you can’t buy them on cash shop.

just play the game lol.

And you have to be a complete fan boy to believe there’s nothing wrong with doing 1 activity to earn nothing and pay currency. I love Lost Ark so far but i don’t have to be this cringe fanboy who refuses any possibility of something being done poorly within the game.

This game mode should give you 250 silver, not make you pay 250 and leave you with 0 progression. Ridiculously poor game design, haven’t seen this in any other game in the past 20 years.

How do you not understand that to sustain that silver, I need to actively play the game.

Which is exactly the problem because I only want to pvp with my friends, so I make an alt character on their server. I DO NOT WANT TO PROGRESS WITH THAT CHARACTER. That is for pvp.

For fucks sake read the actual post so you understand the issue.

Also, since it is a very trivial cost, why does it exist in the first place then???



pvp is a normalized zone. you don’t have to have any gear or even be at lvl 50.
for someone that still hasn’t unlocked awakening skills, it doesn’t make sense for them to need chaos shards.

for a normalized zone, it should not require any gear or battle items/consumables. Chaos shards are battle consumables.