Awesome screenshots

How about an awesome screenshot that you want to share?
This is peepee poopoo! Do I need to pay 100 more to complain? It doesn’t matter if there are similar posts! And no I will not stop playing the game because the one hour I got to play or whatever it was, was still fun! This is a load of bullpoopoo! shu danna nanna massana del ne’art xil! We will make new servers blah blah blah, increase capacity blah blah blah! What the poopoo! /flip


Thank you! You solved everything with your words as much as my words did. I am happy now.

Sorry that you are having issues. It sounds like this might be your first MMORPG Launch and a lot of people going hate your post. The Truth is this is all very normal. Very few MMO’s Launch without a hitch. For some reason their being extremely conservative with launching too many servers and the downside is there is no server transfer as well. So if you claim your founders and then decide to pick the lowest pop server and make a new character you are out of luck.

I really wish I had good news though it will get better, but it will take sometime.

I would recommend suggesting in the future a free server transfer program. It’s 2022 and it’s a bit silly why you can’t transfer off and play with friends especially when forcing so many item shops (things that fund their game) to be bound to a single character.

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Yes, I am sorry. I think I was overreacting. Venting helped me calm down uwu Edit: what bothered me was that I already used my pack =P

And I don’t blame you being upset. I’m sure I be pissed too. Lot of people did not know nor was there I assume an in game warning letting them know it’s a one time use. So even if your willing to reroll you lose out on your items.

This why I think server transfer system needs to be added ASAP. It’s probably one the worst things I deal with in MMO’s when it comes to playing with friends, etc is that you can’t just transfer to another server… You are punished and then you end up quitting because your tired of starting over and over. It’s almost like someone not paid a study on the effects of it on players.

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given the way you replied im not surprised it was flagged. likely considered against ToS.

i can understand why your mad though. been through que times im used to it. longest i’ve waited was 6 hours in WoW when there were que times. last que i went through in WoW was classic launch it was only about 1 hour que though and that was just logging in right at the launch time. i didn’t even know we could log in prior so que times were already built up with people sitting in the character screen.