Awesome! we have cried since the beginning of the game for more skins, and now that we had chance for more - we denied it - be ready for legendary skins again in 2-3 years!

This shows how awesome our community is! we have the power, to remove something we really needed.

We complain not having skins, and even with complaining, were not getting any cool skins for probably over a half year or more until all the ugly skins are sold out to us, yet we had a chance to get really cool skins the legendary ones, but we complained and now they removed it!

Awesome everyone! lets rejoice!

I cant wait to see the next ‘‘we dont have enough skins posts’’ gonna go down real fast


Posts like these show the whales true colors XD What exactly we needed was a another gold sink and another thing for gatekeeping in party finder.


Comments like yours show how someone can have 0 understanding of the game lmao


Yeah or maybe the fact that skins are slow to release isn’t the player’s fault right ?

Okay so they release bad skins and after that the first good ones they decided to throw are the ones with rng. Before the other cool ones ?

And that’s our fault ? Wtf ?


Valtan HM: 1470+ 3x5 engravings, 4 relic pieces and full Legendary skin or kick


You were one of the ones always going on about bots being good XD couldn’t imagine why. Your sense is clearly the right one.


Bots being good? are you sick in the head or what mate

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Rmt or bots one of the two. sorry i cant remember every wining babies face that defends them.

But when i remember the name and im bad at names… tells me something

No one wanted the skins removed get real they didnt want the rng lootbox


exactly, and we will have to wait years until they change the lootbox, rox themselves said they have ‘‘no plans in future’’ to bring them back

Yeah he was one of those who defended the RMTers and said they are victims of AGS lol


This is 100% subjective so i don’t get whats the propose of your post, are you trying to show off what kind of skins you like or what?

You were the guy who said you rmt and dont get caught remember that, and after few weeks you got perma banned :joy: well deserved

Yeah bro, keep lying to yourself lol

And this is not about cool skins, this is about any skins, currently we are very dry of any skins, and even if that yozu’s jar was complete bullcrap, it still was more skins for us.

More bots would be the result of implementing it the same way it is in Korea for NA.

That’s just one of the reasons its removal was healthy but I mention this one because you showed some reason around this topic.

The Yoz Jar system is actually terrible, even Kr players don’t like it and it was a hot topic on kr for many time so if they are going to do some changes to it it’s for everyone.

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They already have a way to deal with bots, playercount isnt rising any if at all anymore, they are banning bots before they reach vern.

The only problem was that it was gambling, which is BS but it was still more skins for us, Now its just we go back to the - Worst skin every month until they are all sold to us -cadence

You have no clue about this game.

If those skins were to make it into the game you will see them only on RMTers. Yes we need skins. But we don’t need Yozs Jar. The full set can go over 1000$.

There are enough normal skins. AGS/SG just have to release them.