Ayaya obliterated the support shortage

People who say “well there aren’t enough 1560” supports are missing the point. We wanted her at release. If she was released at release we would not have a support shortage in the first place.


I hope i have 1560 supps next week cause artist made tons of then struggle to get into farming content leading to them wanting to go dps now :skull:

Then dps mains will reroll their artist for aeromancer or slayer and we will end worse than before with the support shortage :skull::skull:


This is what is gonna happen and we who had a couple of supps at 1530+ are not going to play a supp ever again so.

if they released she at release the problem with supp will be the same, she have a big success because she have a release with a power pass + event just for her

No, the powerpass+express event could be used on any class.

Same as all the previous powerpass+express events.

False, the BIGGEST reason right now is the powerpass + Express Pass WITH the free engraving. Once the free engravings goes away, the Artist amount will plummet since they would actually have to gear that character then. Sure the PRE 1490 crowd will still have them pretty well but the alt levels of raids never really had much of a support shortage. Its the end game where teh support shortage exists and will CONTINUE to exist. People are not just going to give up their DPS mains to play support.

Give it time, the Ayayaya hype will die down in a few months after the express event ends. But It IS the reason for the massive amount of them.

Again, that’s applicable for any class.

If we had free engravings with each express from the start we still wouldn’t have had the same influx of Supports.

And it’s not like they can downgrade express events now, so we can expect the same engraving support for each future express event. Does that mean we’re going to get a swarm of Supports for 2-3 months with every express event?

No its just the flavor of the release. Just like there was a swarm of scouters from its launch, or a swarm of reapers when it launched, artist had a swarm of them when it launched. Biggest problem is that groups only need a quarter of the supports vs DPS thus it FEELS like the support swarm is more magnified when in reality its just more due to needing less of them for groups. As stated, when the express event ends, so will the MASSIVE amount of supports in the ALT level ranges. When either aeromancer or slayer comes out later this year, we’ll see a ton of them as well.

either way im not going to invite any artist to my party OR if i join a lobby and an artist joins after im leaving… not gonna play with that garbage ever… they are like a plage… like flies flying over the poop

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Well that is the thing we wanted her released on launch, not a glavier not a destroyer not an arcana but an Ayaya.

We begged for her every month to help us with latest content, Valtan, Vykas, Clown, but we got trash dps instead. Obviously it will be hard for a class to compete with someone who has been farming since launce, of course they will be far more bards and pallies at the 1560 range than artist.

The point is the release was so big and so anticipated that it caused a dps shortage, again every class could be made with the express to get a free 4x3, its just that people wanted the artist.

It is neither a sup or dps shortage… it is a player shortage lmao. Game is dead and getting deader.

I like playing dead game.

Every game every community calls there game dead anyways.

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Don’t a lot of support still get accepted into parties with a 4x3 set up? And that’s extremely cheap to build.

you dont have to keep mentioning that in every artist thread :joy:

How else will everyone in the community know that he doesn’t want to play with Artist?

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Lately it really does feel more like a player shortage over a class shortage.


Why would anyone make a 4x3 DPS character at this point with the express pass…

Also, you’re probably not going to be singing that same tune when the free engravings go away and people actually have to buy accessories for their artists. It’s likely many of them won’t.

I will agree with you on one thing, they really did wait too long to release characters. Treating it like content and releasing one every 2-4 months is garbage. Believe it or not, at the very beginning they said they would release a new class every month.

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I’ve already build my 4x3 it costed me in total 7000g 3-5, 3-5, 5-0, 5-0,5-0

This will happen in couple months for sure! This is why I kick any PLC title supps and fast asf invite low title supps with DBC or vykas! We need these supps pushing further!
My priority for supps = Artist > Pala > Bard

Ye and people deny supps mains and prefer taking Ayaya with event stuff event gems and w/o good cardset.

Friends of mine already moved their supps out of goldroster aswell and stopped upgrading on them.
I for my part with my 3 supps I also struggle with me if I should do 3 DPS instead and moving my supps out too. It’s just impossible for many to get their supps in raids.

And yes i don’t join a 1460 Vykas lobby with my 1540 supp sorry.