[Azena] Looking for a group of family guilds

Hello future Guild Family,

My name is Kanka, long time MMO fan. I love Lost Ark and like seeing guilds grow. Below is my current roster, most notably my 1415 sf (current main) and my 1395 LM (building to main) and lesser alts. I am looking for a Guild Family on the server \\Azena///. I am looking for a larger guild family to grow with on 9 characters (It’s okey if all 9 can’t join at once or only some can join the family guilds. that’s okey) Only expectation I have is main guild have lvl 5 shop, other than that I’m fair game for any group of family guilds. Looking for a Semi-serious atmosphere with a dedication to Lost Ark as main game, other games are fine in discord will play what ever with discord peeps, but I’ve already been in a FotM guild and really not looking to join another one. A little about me, I’m a hard core contribution farmer, I love Boss Rush with friends, I love meeting new people and a good chill environment. (I’m also 420 friendly). If I sound like someone you would like to have in you family guilds, please Post here below, or even better send me a pm. Thank you looking forward to working with you all.