Azena Server Lag/Latency

Sadly wasnt recording at the time but recently the last week being from march 7th onward there have been multiple instances of character and class skills disappearing as if they are never cast this is mostly with sorc all though happens on my blade as well as some issues with buttons registering on the market causing players to lost gold on stuff they sell if they do not catch it for instance i did night fox got 3 great honor leapstones and sold them for 100 they still havent sold as of this post. i did another run of nightfox to gain another 3 to price at the same price which i did so but they sold for 10 a piece there for my 0 did not register however it did the first time i put them up the weird thing is stuff is just dissappearing literally idk why it has something to do with latency for sure i play 25-30 ping regurally not sure where i can view my packets being sent and not sent but would be nice so that when stuff like this happens i can view and see that it is on my end rather than the games would make it easier to identify issues when they arrise as server side or client sided but if we can look into this would be awesome i dont really care for the loss in gold or skills as its not that much to lose and gold is very easy to obtain for me but for the people who arent experienced on market fliping and market trading then it can do more harm than good to them i hope those reading consider this for all that it is and has to offer and hopefully we can get some stability improvements and some ui improvements in regards to server latency.
your friendly gamer