Azure wind island token not delivered

After doing the very long questlines and acquiring the harmony song i went back to do the buried in flowers quest. i got credit for doing it but never received the island token. i have it marked as complete in the quest log and i cannot find anyway of maybe redoing it.

any help please advice

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I am sorry to know about the missing island token that you didn’t get for completing quest-line at Azure Wind Island.

Please help me with your IGN and server so I can check this further.

Also, I would request you to kindly check this thread and cross check if all the quests were completed :

Azure Wind Quest (Buried in Flowers)

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my IGN is Gibbuffa on EU Central server Innana

azure wind island has tons of hidden quests, did you finish all those toy horse quests? there are like 20+ of them, once you finish all those toy horse quests then you can get the island soul. also, you can check in your collectible there is button collection status and see you got the soul token or not.

and also if you got the soul token but you didn’t turn it in, it will not show in the status either. just pay a visit to the Loney island and click on the state on the character you did the quest, and see the state find the token for you.

I also didn’t get my Island token, I did it before a maintenance so it didnt give me a quest. I did all the quest thou even the song of harmony Locations

i did all the quests of the little horses then did the 3 song locations as i managed to get the song in Harmony island. got no reward whatsoever and there are no more quests or horses on the island to do

Same, Finished all the quest but still no soul

So i finished the quest with the songs, i did the purple hidden quest in the top left part and also the cave on the right. Haven’t received island soul and have no idea what i am missing. Does a new thread need to be created for the support to help me with this?

My IGN: ‘‘Kyxia’’
Server: EU Central ‘‘Sirius’’

FWIW if you have not done all 4 categories of quests, you won’t get the quest for the island soul. That’s 4 purple quests to cap off each category, and a final quest that rewards the island soul. Maxroll has a good overview of everything you need to do, so I would review it before yelling BUG to the high winds.

i have done all the prequests and yes i have checked maxroll and everything
you cannot get the last quest anyways until you do all the 4 long questlines before. then farmed the song and finished it, still no island token

The island token is a reward from that final quest. It doesn’t get given to you some alternate way. So if you completed it and got the rewards but no token then yea that’s a problem since it’s very explicit.

I finished the azure wind island but i can t claim the welcome challenge and island souls . All quest done

My IGN: ‘‘Temeriytem’’
Server: EU Central ‘‘Mokoko’’

I completed all quests on Azure Wind island, including “Buried in Flowers” , which shows up as completed in my quest journal, but I did not receive the island soul token. The island soul tab shows collection status as 0.

IGN: Gunnago
Server: Galatur

I have the same issue and completed all the quests and i did not get the Token either.

IGN: Thedaggert
Server: Neria

Same issue here, completed the quests and did not get the token.

IGN: Faitas
Server: Feiton