Backfang Rapport Help. Claimed Neutral Reward but no more rapport options

I completed the quest “Catch the Rats” and I met the virtual check based on my stat points. From the Rapport menu I selected the Normal reward and sailed over to her seeing if she wants me to sing her a song. I’m not getting any of the rapport dialog options. What else do I have to do to?

you need to increase your virtue points to continue rapport with her. the quest itself would be greyed out at the bottom of that screen and if you mouse over it will tell you the virtue requirements.

I’m not seeing another virtue requirement. I needed to get the last stat of 110 Courage and she finally gave me the Neutral reward. Now when I click on her I only see exchange options but nothing for rapport. I have 161 wisdom, 110 courage, 153 charisma, 151 kindness. I also did the quest with rats in the name which I read was required.

then your gonna have to send a ticket and notify support about it. lost ark is a new game and buggy quests can happen to some and never to others.

I think it’s 260 charisma for Blackfang.

Cool I can post screenshots. I wasn’t near her to select any quests or anything when I accepted the neutral reward. See it’s not showing me a virtue check anymore.

Ohhh I see.

The prerequisite to talk to her is “Bloodclaw’s Dagger” I believe. This is the quest before that one.

Sorry I thought you’d hit the virtue wall already!

Yeah I did that quest already when I unlocked the Exchange from her. I think she should be giving me a quest but I’m not seeing it. That’s why the little quest bubble is white.

In the quest description it says “Blackfang is not always in her den. If she’s not there, I should go back later.” But if she’s there and without quest that is odd.

You’re on the right island yes? Blackfangs Den not Freedom Isle? Because there’s two of her haha

I claimed the neutral reward from the menu off of the island and sailed over to her. When I got to her this was the only options I had.

You’re on the wrong island. The rapport version is on Blackfangs Den, south of the island you’re on.

On my way. Lol she moves :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the help. I feel dumb now.

No problem you’re not the first person to get confused by her being on two islands!

I believe the first virtue wall is 190. To look for virtue upgrades press Alt + D and search for the one you need. Usually come from Una dailies and other rapport. Small additions come from side quests and doing things for the first time such as bosses etc - Good luck!