Backsies on goods from a chest (mainly mounts)

This has probably been here a couple of times, but i haven’t seen it here for a while.
If i open a chest with a mount, for example the unicorn from twitch drops, there is no preview.
I looked at them online and the black one caught my eye due to the “stars” on his mane. But in game, the glint isn’t as extravagant as I thought (it’s more like a mist). Due to that, the pink maned unicorn now seems like a better choice for me.
is there a way to get a different mount from the chest once I’ve chosen one?

I think they’ve said no several times for people accidentally clicking on the wrong options in outfit boxes so it’s probably also a no for mounts unfortunately. Their preview system leaves a lot to be desired though

That is unfortunate and imo pretty consumer unfriendly. Hopefully they’ll rethink this system in the future :confused: