Bad Decisions by AGS and Smilegate - Seriously?

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The reason most people in NA/EU feel that this game is neglected by Smilegate and AGS is not in touch with the player base is things like below…

  1. You gate the Black Cloak Version (Arkesia Honor) skin behind a $100 package. Most games charge $10-$15 a skin and you normally have put them out for $25-$30 still a premium price for a skin and most of these cannot even be dyed. And now to gate this version of the skin behind a $100 package??? Just unbelievable, or in this case very believable from your 2 companies it seems…

  2. You give some weird answer to all the Shadowhunters about why their character look blacked out in demon form, and if you are honest you have to acknowledge it does NOT look good and this is coming from someone who doesn’t even play Shadowhunter. Even I have to speak up on this one… Even though you won’t come out and say it, it seems for political purposes, but what is strange is if your character is light skinned you are basically making people black-face their characters in game, this just doesn’t seem right in any way. Either leave it how it was originally or make it so when you transform you retain the same skin color, simple as that. But as we all know in the dev world that this would require actual effort and time on Smilegate’s part, when they are still busy reading up on what unit testing is.

  3. You have massive disconnect issues for 2-3 weeks straight where before there wasn’t this issue. Can we say Unit Testing, Branch Comparison, Confirmation of Pipeline settings for deployment, threshold checks in comparison to logins etc… It has been very obvious that Smilegate seems to not check their code this can be seen from the months and multiple deployments to try to get Timezone Offset code correct, as well as other things I have mentioned in the past. Where is your testing before a patch, why are they letting you know last minute what is in the patch that also seems quite strange. Just looking at the deployments and stuff that has gone wrong that more time and money needs to go into Testing. Players should never be your QA STAGING DEV Environment. If you would like me to I could give you an extensive list of all the code issues I have seen from Smilegate since day one, but I am sure you don’t want to hear it even though it is an unbiased honest list of code issues that have occurred.

  4. You give players pheons, then say they can keep them, players spend pheons on your word they can keep them and then you take them away no warning, and not only take them away put players in -NEGATIVE Pheons? Really? Never seen such a thing by where companies would treat their customers in this way.

  5. I obviously can’t force you make changes in how you do things, but I think alot of others would agree with me that countless times it seems the fast money grab or the quick fix was taken, without the longetivity of the game and retaining a good amount of the original 1.2 million players that entered Lost Ark. And Then to have that Lost Ark Smilegate Executive later when bots filled our version claim all these high numbers as players of Lost Ark was a SLAP in the FACE to those of us in 20k BOT queues who couldn’t log in for weeks and weeks.

I for one like the SH players am with-holding spending any more in your shop unless you can start to address the things like above in an appropriate manner that is customer-centric,…not profit-centric, not KR-centric.

Correct me if I am wrong, but it sure seems Smilegate has no vested interest in the NA/EU player base.




I have to say that sadly this is all true and I agree on every point and I have to admit that I couldn’t have better described how the players feel

thanks dude for the effort and lets see if we get some feedback from ags on this

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It is not Smilegate decision to make major changes to NA/EU region. Everything was suppose to be a copy and paste. Many of the things that changed was decided by AGS such as yoz’s jar, classes name change, class transformation, model/npc changes(less revealing skins), numbers of classes release in orders, to the amount of rewards and free items are given out. There’s probably quite a few more but these are the noticeable ones and had bad backlash after launch of the game. They changed so many things without asking nor give us the players any chance to vote our future gaming experiences instead they tuck their hands in their pockets and realized business is business. AGS is suppose to be the ear, eyes, and middle man for us NA/EU players to give back feedbacks to Smilegate so they can give us a better experience. Im not mad just disappointed.


They blind and deaf don’t care about players feeling, maybe they think we some is a bots ,when Diablo 4 come out is the time to leave


I don’t know why they bothered changing Class names and Shadowhunter transformation.

Fair enough Hawkeye to Sharpshooter might run into problems with Marvel but the rest were unnecessary changes


Yup that about sums up the last 3 weeks.

The thing is, especially on the AGS side, we continue to say they don’t really care about Lost Ark hoping that it isn’t true, but are unwilling to finally believe that is pretty much true.

This isn’t their game. They just take a slice of the cake for hosting it.

The game itself, it’s development, it’s success and it’s failures are SmileGate. AGS’s decisions to make changes to our client are likely dictated by folks so high up the food chain we will never know of their existence and are based on what keeps the least amount of heat off them in the court of public opinion (not the player opinion).

If LA thrives AGS makes some money, if it fails they forget it ever existed. Either option is perfectly fine for AGS. If NA/EU fails SG moves on and just continues to focus on the regions that the game is doing best in while pushing to release in new places.

They used us being obliterated by bots to help push the game to China because our numbers looked so good, cheering on 800k concurrent at the time. Now we’re starting to see overpriced bundles in the shop to get some sales out of folks before they finally give up and move on to another game. None of it is in the players (us) interest.

Naturally they want the game to run perfectly, the longer the game keeps going with a healthy enough player base to sustain itself the more overall profit they make.

Remember it’s costing them nothing in development costs to resell the old content to us.

so true dude, many players are disappointed because of this…

And countless times they make decisions on something you NA/EU didn’t realise
Of the top of my head

  1. They remove blue crystal costs to open boxes in abyssal dungeons and replace them with gold
  2. They make skill/stat selection for pet completely free
  3. They push a lot of classes much faster than any server
  4. They push a lot of QOL and new raids much faster than any other server

If you say “most people feel neglected”, i would say, they do things that many people love, and at the same time things many people hate.

Just standing on the middle ground here.


he just realized folks

They only care about earning money, not the health of the game. AGS/SG are so greedy they cannot hide it.

I am pretty sure at this point they are doing more things people hate then doing things people love. Lets just start at 1.2 million to less than 100k players now. Need I say more.

Stand the middle ground all you want but it looks like a Smilegate cash grab.

Smilegate released the western client with a honing system and a content dead zone that they knew was historically bad for the game and publicly apologized to KR players for. This has been their attitude towards the western client since day 1.


Wait you do realize SG does the same in KR version right ? Like the lastest legion raid hard mode not being 1580 but 1600… you act like SG is some god appointed savior of the game but they farm the heck out of KR server for money as well…

This notion somehow AGS is worst and SG can save the game is mind blowing … no they just want your money


You know i feel like the moment when gold river retired, everything went crashing down even harder.

You do realize he was call doom river before the game turn good right ?

He is also the reason that the game turn good. Cause at least he admits that he made mistakes.

Well it was either that or the game die so didn’t have much of a choice

Many of the broken systems the game currently has happened under his watch. People need to take their rose colored glasses off of SG and Gold River in particular.

This persona that KR players and creators helped push of this benevolent entity does not match up with how the game is monetized, nor with how the systems are set up.


If you look at all my ealier post you would realize that no I did not just realize this right now…I actually called them out on multiple cases of bad code etc etc…and in the pheonGate…I actually commented on a post the code to find the exploiters vs non-exploiters and how they could have kept their word concerning the pheons while punishing the exploiters.

But with the stuff that has happened just recently I thought to bring attention to more bad decisions by Smilegate and AGS. I find it ridiculous people always thinks it is just AGS but its on Smilegate as well, they hold the code keys. And if you have seen their code deployments since day one…you would realize they need to go brush up on some skills and research proper unit testing. As a lot of there issues would never even make it to production deployment with proper testing.