Bad Decisions by AGS and Smilegate - Seriously?

Agree y’all do realize Pheons and Ability stone (Casino Stone) still exist AFTER he fail a bunch of them and then when and check for himself the rate… then afterward he presumably was like it is a good system to make us money…

Like come on SG is not the good guy


This is exactly correct. They knew, but decided to deploy that version of the code for milking NA/EU.

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I can give u a simple solution to all of your points

to 1. Vote with your wallet!
to 2. Vote with your wallet!
to 3. Vote with your wallet!
to 4. Vote with your wallet!
to 5. Vote with your wallet!

Iirc Zeal said that the anniversary skin was free, idk if u want extra set u might have to spend like $15-25 per set or something like that?

GoldRiver was part of the problem. Why do you think the game has so many casino mechanics in it. Why do you think at every point it leads to you spending for fear of losing out. etc etc… He was the head of the game when it was implemented in this way. He certainly upped the game on Pay2Hone Pay2Advance Pay2Win Pay2NotLoseOutOnSkins etc etc…

Look at it this way…a Korean streamer who thinks he is good at the game, calling anti-pheon people as clueless and stupid, but yet this Korean streamer is ok with letting themselves be fleeced on a system that hides the true cost of buying an item as wrapped in 2 currencies, and the whole point of the Auction system is no longer about buying gear, it is turned into ONLY BUYING BIS GEAR. And who makes money off of each pheon, I will let you do the math.

But it is people like this that can’t seem to understand that no everyone is a streamer and has tons of gold, not everyone is as skilled and can bus etc etc…so now the point of pheons is what GIT GUD??? you get what is going on here… These korean players or streamers that do this have a sense of entitlement. And no I am not talking about Z—s. The point being people keep White Knighting for a company that is fleecing them, sound ridiculous but it’s true.


Using population to compare isn’t right either. All mmorpg and all games are like this. If you want to use this data, you have to see the general trend of all games and use it to compare the dip of lost ark population. Only this way can you tell how much more dip lost ark population is compared to general mmo game.

You are going to deny there was a huge drop in real players. Even if lets say it was half that amount…do you think the decisions made one after another on how they released this game and released patches and withheld things was in the best interest of retaining a high player base…You can quote all the numbers you want and try to deny this but this game has a very steep decline and based on how it is coded and its gameplay it does not leave much room for new players to want to come to this game or even after coming here want to stay.

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I never deny it. I just state the fact on how to compare properly. How has final fantasy dropped in population since its launch date? How was WOW? Ragnarok online? Use these information to compare with lost ark.

Your data is disputed if you don’t take into account the market of gaming.

We cant do a real comparison cause they won’t release the numbers and you know this. But also think about how a Korean Lost Ark Executive publically used the high numbers of NA/EU knowing it was mostly BOTS to promote and lie to the general public about the success of the game, knowing that his coders were not even partially up to the challenge to combat the bots and exploits, and while many NA/EU players faced queue times waiting behind BOTS to play the game. He was using those number to lie. Just think about it. If you were to flip the coin in vegas so to speak would you bet on what I am saying or what Smilegate is saying. Look my past posts up. I call out their bad code many times. Even showed how to differentiate the exploiters vs non-exploiters in pheonGate.

The main point are these are self-inflicted wounds that they keep making from their bad decisions and treating NA/EU as a cash grab. If you think otherwise ok, but I guarantee there are many more who agree with me. And because there are not that many real players in this game anymore, that percentage becomes a lot higher, pretty sure about it.

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I remember when a lot of people on this forums said: Yeah just sell the legendary skins for a fixed price i could pay 300$ for it kekw, now they released a “prestige” skin and people are complaining, if you can’t afford don’t get it or get it using your in game gold, thats what ill do in 2 days


Undeniably, releasing the game with a dead zone and no content to help it was pretty stupid. We had a lot of people drop the game during the 1340-1396 grind straight up, they didn’t care about Argos because after a few pities in that area, you start caring less and less and eventually drop the game.

Had the game released with maybe a slightly decelerated t1/t2/lower t3 compared to what we have today (say, lowest honing rate in the early tiers is like 70% for +15), then people would still feel good about grinding while actually progressing. Instead, it took so long for even an Event to be brought over, so for sure mismanagement on someone’s end. Whether it was AGS providing the feedback or SG not understanding the state of the western release.

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Whatever Smilegate developed for, such as raids, classes, nerfs, balance patch, is implemented and decided by Smilegate. AGS is only a publisher, they have no control over the core of how the game works. What they do have control over are the things they think is appropriate to NA/EU audience, that will not affect the purpose of the game as it is only “cosmetics and looks”. Yes they can change the things I listed before and does it affect the purpose of the game? No, it doesn’t. Even if they try to they can’t, AGS only gets to decide what is allowed in and what doesn’t.

See that’s the thing you don’t do your research. Korea average salary is around 10k-20k a year annually. Now why wouldn’t you feel like you getting suck up by smilegate if you only make that much?

You have to understand alot of people might have been willing to pay those prices at that time. But after constant bad decisions not made in the interest of the NA/EU customers then thats less likely to happen. Then consider that you just have a month of disconnects, you have pheonGate, and you advertise these skins are coming and on release they are missing and then week later they appear in a $100 gate keeping method…that doesn’t earn you any goodwill from the playerbase. Not to mention they are not even dyeable.


So what? they can put the price they want, they are not forcing you to buy it lol, also prestige skins are not something that Amazon invented, they exist in LoL too and they exist in Kr with the mileage shop, they are locked behind real money

Yeah the disconnects are bad im not denying it

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Im not sure where I watch or hear this from but Gold River actually didn’t step down. He’s on leave and his health is getting much better. SmileGate is doing fine, it’s just AGS, they are NA version of censorship.

And what don’t you get about everything in this game costing alot more than most when concerning demographics of where the game is being played. I relish the time something like this comes to this version and SA has to pay half a years wage for a skin. Stop defending these companies charging ridiculous prices…the only way they can do this is by people WhiteKnighting for just these types of practices.

Well I for one hope he stays at home. He doesn’t deserve the False God Worship he seems to get.

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So what? they can chose the price they want, they are not forcing you to do anything, just play the game get gold and buy them from AH

Bro if you can’t afford something you just dont buy it wtf

I have my own business and no one will come here to tell me that i HAVE to lower my prices lol
And again, if you can’t afford it its okay just play the game and buy it with gold.

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So, you think it is ok to charge for a skin in US dollars and charge those prices to someone in SA where it is 6months of wages. Seems a bit of entitlement. Maybe go live on those wages for a while and see how you feel.

And I could care less if you own a business. But what I will tell you is if you present things at 6months worth of wages, people will most likely do what…RMT.

Again and again and again.

These posts are getting boring honestly.

Common F2P Bundle practices. The black skin is supposed to be a prestige version of the previous one, and rewards more highly paying customers. You can get the white version for the standard amount. The same case was in KR as well buy the way.

Their answer was indeed not elaborate enough. But it’s clear now why they decided to make the SH darker. It’s because there is only 1 default skin tone when they transform and that is white. If you have a different colour on your chracter, they will turn into white. This is clearly a coding issue, and amaazon had to adabt to make it right. You calling it blackface is literally you being overdramatic to make an argument over being annoyed that they “darkened” the whole model.

QA with our current release schedule means that we will be getting all content way later. Last time i chcked people were literally crying, that they are not getting their class 1 month earlier, are u sure the community wlll be okey with content delays? Im not.

They apologized for this 1000 times, yes they fked up what do you want them to do ? they gave TONS of compensation for it.

Yes, i dont think it’s intentional, i think that there are way too many things going on with the game right now and they dont have the time to invest poperly.

Communication is one of the issues for sure. But i think that it will all get better when we reach the content KR has , it will be much easier to organise our patches ahead of time as well.