Bad experience for my $$$

EUC / Slen server. Platinum Founder Pack bought.

  1. Twitch drops can’t be redeemed.
  2. Compensation pack for go-live debacle can’t be redeemed.
  3. Queue 1-2.5hrs long unless you play during the night only.
  4. For 75% of the time:
  • crystaline aura not working
  • crystals missing
  • shop not available
  • matchmaking not working incl. dungeons in party

Nothing above was addressed by the competent AGS people in the last week. No COMPENSATION was announced.

Summary: Product I bought DOES NOT WORK. I will never buy another AGS game.


Same here… any game AGS are involved with in the future is completely written off for me. I thought for a game that was developed by someone else and had been released for years there wasn’t much risk for it going wrong… how wrong WE all were… shitty launch, shitty communication. 0 player engagement from EU. It’s a joke.

I feel really robbed buying the silver founder, I can’t believe the level of absolute violation you must feel.

Also… when things like this happen to the biggest virtual server provider globally … you know they are EXTREMELY INCOMPETENT. I made a mistake when I thought the New World debacle was an one-time-issue. Its certain this is the way they make it. :frowning:

only with new world? They’ve failed with 5 games so far.

Correct, it’s a robbery. The worst thing is the game itself is awesome really. But AGS kills it and scammed us all…

Oh, it was adressed. They basically said they can’t do anything. KEK

NA East not one problem. Did not buy founders pack but got a rip off starter pack though cheapest one.

UPDATE after the server restart:
Second Platinum Pack, Welcome Pack and two (all) Twitch Drop items received.
Aura is back for now … but for how long? :frowning: