Bad graphic/cutscenes on max settings

Hi, anyone had same problem with rly bad graphic ? Even on max setting ? My cutscenes and game looks rly bad, all of drivers are up to date. Pc spec 12gen i5, 32gb ram, 1060 6gb

can try Turn off depth of field and motion blur.

Also turn off FXAA if you forced it.

how this game wotking in pvp when servers full…its imposible to play.missing textures somtimes players disapiering +laging.some skills are invisible what enemy casting u get only dmg from invisible annoing.especialy artilerist bombs…u cant see any animations just when u exploding.i hope they will fix current state pvp is tresh for mazohists

I’m not on the support team of the game but I recommend verifying your GPU drivers and in-game graphics options as it really does look weird on the screenshot. My game looks very better than that (I think at least)

and also this as depth of field really gets blurry

uninstall and install the game? I never had any of these mentioned issues, I’m playing with a lot of friends and none of them had issues like this.

or maybe get a better internet connection or a better pc :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi i did change motion blur and depth of field to off but still same problem.

How do i force FXAA? In my graphic card setting ?

many ppl sed about missing textures he is not only one.and i heard that gforce cards have some bugs in game.i got integrated and when i swich from 21:9 aspect ratio i have all screen with broken textures and need to restart game.

I’m also using a GeForce card, I’ll pay attention around to see if I notice anything like this you mentioned, must suck to play like that, let’s hope they give attention to this once the queue issues disappear, leaving them some time to fix other things.

need to restart game when u swich thos options

I will try again tomorrow. Yeah its rly annoing. Game look like from 90’s when i streaming haha

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actualy game graphic and anything about game fixing smilegate not just geting updated servers

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Yeah, I meant the Amazon team letting Smilegate know about these issues, as I’m sure they’re 100% focused on fixing the servers both together (I’m not sure but I read somewhere that they’re having to change some systems on the game to introduce the new Europe region) :laughing:

i m not eaven playing game now when i know will be new region.its usles to progress somthing and then go play from 0 agem in new region

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This looks like outdated gpu files ir your game needs to be verified. Files might be messed up.

Xeph i had same problem in Beta and Ru version. I can play lots of game with nice graphic but not lost ark

I did make some changes and game still looks rly bad…
have look at video : 2022 02 17 01 14 29 - YouTube

Looks pretty normal to me. This is my screenshot. The image is jpg format so being a bit blurry is normal.

Look at video that i uploaded. Very hard to show on screenahoots

You mean the blurry background and texture? That is texture streaming, etc. it loads lower quality maps then enhance them as game loads. Usually only takes few seconds to pop in.

Can try set your graphic to optimize quality, maybe it will help.

Found this Video. Their fix is turn off the anti-aliasing in game, and use Driver forced AA

This is my result using that