Bad performance after patch

Hi all,

Do you face any lags/freezining of the screen after the last patch? For me its sometimes frozen for 1 second which is quite bad especially during the raid.


getting this also

i notice it a bit more. But I only have a 1060 6gb however, and a 2015/2014 I5-4690k processor.

i have so much laag and freezes… every patch it get’s worse and worse for some reason. i’ve never had laag or freezes while playing any game that i have installed. and for it to happen in lost ark is insane. cause i played in RU and i’ve never had issues even while i used VPN.

Perf impact of 3/23 EAC update is unacceptable - Game Support / English Support - Lost Ark Forums (

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Yesterday i din’t notice. But today became unplayable for me. Constant freezes of up to 4 seconds. I’ll have to play something else until a fix comes out (i hope so).

yeah it happens a lot after patch :x