Bad situation but Roxxy is not to blame

It is a sad situation for everyone, not being able to reach a game that we love and have fun does not allow us to humiliate or insult the people next to us here. All we have to do is have a good sleep and enjoy the game tomorrow If everyone is toxic here, we will not achieve anything, we need to show some empathy

As a result, they are doing this by taking orders from others, please be calm.


Who’s blaming Roxx?

Get down from your horse.


I love Roxx. She secretly told me that the compensation is Reaper so we’re all good! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Point me to the people who’s blaming Roxx
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No 1 blaming the person of rox… But her team…

Stop licking…
They went too far this time to take the piss out of us every 2 hours


learn to speak properly first

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No one is blaming Roxx, what is up with these weirdos and their infatuation with Roxx. Its quite evident SG AND AGS are to blame 110% for this.


Sadly, a lot of people do. If you looked around now and then you would see the undeserved heat she and her co-workers get on these forums.

The community can be absolute childish savages, for no good reason.
Servers are down way longer than anyone expected, yes. But hey, instead of being a forum warrior these people could easily do something more productive while the team works on bringing the game online again. And no, this has nothing to do with a horse.


i think anyone blaming the team on the forums should be banned as they are only messengers not dev’s

Everyone with a keyboard is talking, hiding behind their keyboards, talking back and forth, they don’t care if it’s even a small word.
it’s so easy to hurt people

I haven’t seen anyone in any threads bashing on Roxx…I’m pretty sure everyone is well aware Roxx is not to blame and if anything we should have some sympathy. It has to suck being the public-facing face for the kind of fiasco while simultaneously not sharing any of the actual blame or responsibility for it.

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Too many joke threads going around


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I think Roxx is professional enough to not take those serious maybe overstepping with their rage. I’d bet she totally understands our frustration and knows whats to come everytime the dev team tells her they need to delay further and further.

She is an absolute sweetheart and for sure not to blame.

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What exactly is that bad situation ?

someone messed up the update ok , it does not matter who , cause it can happen

someone is telling the the CM-team some estimates, this guy does messed up , does it matter no

someone is believing in that estimates, did that person messed up with the patch ? no

but, @Roxx is the Head of the CM - Team, she gets paid for bringing Bad and good News to us as paying/or not paying customers.
She is responsible for the whole CM-team and decides what is the best Way to bring us bad news

the Patch isnt her fault at all ! Making that bad decisions, to tell us all 3-4 Hours something why this happens, is her responsibility and tbh as the Head of CM, thats what she is messing up.

Days before were silence till 10 hours before the Patch should have got implemented, and then when it fails , then she´s doing bad desicions of believing that what nerdy Korean people did wrong.

So she tldr: Roxx didnt do the patch wrong , but made the wrong decision how to try to keep us patient.

I appreciate this comment but I am not the head of the Community Team :smiley:


You’re not making a case for being civilized and patient. You’re doing your very best to go lower then the people you’re blaming.


see this is a good answer

Wait…you are not?
Do we know the head?
I’m stunned…