Bad timing merchants

Everytime in neria {where play eu players} this stupid wei merchant spawn at 6 o clock or 5 …and I run for buy it… But 5min for easy anticheat and 2min for char select screen… This is random but stupid… I played 16hours today… 1. 00 to 4.00 a. M. And wei spawn at 6 o clock… Wtf is this

skill issue

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set sound notification from discord so it wakes u up, just keep the game running

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set macro to start game with wei notification then

u should work on bettering the country then instead of playing this pos

7 mins just to get in game? Too much.

Im wondering where you saw that. my every pc is basically running nonstop with restart once a week. I had last pc for 7 years without issue, this pc is still as good as new after 3 years aswell. + normal pc with SSD should start under a minute anyway so I dont see a problem here.

Yes… Only for easy anticheat…

I ve notification…
II woke up because of the notification because my pc was still on.

There will have been only 2/3 wei in neria in the last 2 months and always at the same time … 5 in the morning or 6