Bag of engravings missing an engraving from the list

Hello and good day,

The engraving bags received from the super express mission event, the epic ones to be exact, doesn’t have adrenaline on the list of available to pick from. I have asked others if they had the same issue but no that’s just on my account. Yes i did check on multiple characters tossing it around my account to see if this was a one character bug. Yes it’s available to upgrade from 40-60. No I do not see any user issue because making this post required me a lot more effort than it took to check everything 100 times.

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True. I also can’t get my Precise Dagger from it. Hope they notice this problem soon.

I’m also missing Adrenaline in the Engraving selection bags

Hit master also missing.

9 engravings are missing in it total. Other bags allows you to select between 33 engravings while super express engraving bags allows you to select between 24!

Many important engravings are missing. They need to fix this fast.