Balace the Sorc in PvP PLEASE!

Please balance the sorc in PvP. The class is way too overpowered and unfair in 3v3. Not to mention the pick rate is insanely high and we are all tired of playing against the class. i hear nothing but complaints everytime i hop into a match against a sorc. i know people are going to comment with the typical gammer lingo “get good” but this isnt a matter of “getting good” its a matter of unbalanced annoyance and is pushing me away from PvP. i know im not the only one


Oh sure just deliver heavy nerf on sorceress and don’t touch anything on rest of the classes.

You call that balance?

yes considering sorc is the most overpowered class and highest pick rate for a reason, right? wouldnt that constitute a nerf of some sort? maybe lessen the CC just a little? longer cooldowns? something. shees too much


Sure, like paladins are totally balanced and deathblades/artellerist are too bad too play😂


Just fix the floating exploit bs. Some of these sorcs egos who can’t win without it are through the roof

the way you respond to things is just, cringe. relax. sure?


So because more people pick a class means there must be exploits and must nerf.

If you played sorc at all, CC just a little bit after unlock all skills you will know there’s no issue and no need adjustment.

Longer CD really?

sorc is gettin rekt by every super armor melee, like elem, scrapper, deathblade etc. and sorc is strong against slow characters or ranged except gunslinger.

Let me say that they need to nerf CC and anti CC in general. There is too much cc in pvp and there is too much anti cc

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Sorc is balanced its practicly unseen in higher tiers of PvP its a pub stomper against uncoordinated and VS bad players … AKA YOURSELF get better and learn how to outplay a sorc… and decent blade or zerk Ruins your day


they should just disable her teleport from identity and she would be balanced

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XD sure man, she has 0 super armor in his kit, lets make it even easier for super armor melee classes

I’m confused. Doesn’t Sorc only work when teams aren’t aggressive enough, because she runs out of dashes and is just dead?

So she’s only good in low tier, and doesn’t Paladin just turbo stomp everything low tier by existing, and is also A tier in highlo? So shouldn’t pally receive nerf for PVP and sorc be buffed?

I guess she has that one ability that’s pretty annoying, the purple thing that sucks you in and stuns is really gross area denial and combo tool, always feels cheap when they play around only that cooldown and seraphic hall knock you back half the map over and over.

IDK, I play DB and I absolutely dumpster sorc. They should just remove paralysis immune from pvp, because I am allowed to ignore all knocks while knocking them up, and then ignore all stuns while charging my best ability, double knocking them up and 1 shotting them with identity or moonlight no counterplay. XD

k bud

u are obviously super bad at the game, you are like those silver players on league complaining about master yi when hes 40% winrate in master+

sorc gets completely run over by any martial artist class and deathblade while performs well vs things like arti and zerker. it seems pretty fair to me as it has classes that walk all over it.

imo a class like deathblade would make more sense to complain about since it doesn’t really have counters and just finds it mildly annoying when enemy team has a paladin or gunlancer.

im sorry but youre just wrong.

also warfancer and soulfist counter db

everything is op and unbalanced, case solved and closed.

The reason you see so many sorcs is because they pulled summoner from the game, so people don’t have a choice if they want to play a magic dps. This will balance itself with the release of arcana/summoner.
Sorc gets absolutely destroyed by every decent team and if you ain’t lucky to get matched with a brain dead person you’ll get juggled for days in 1vs1.
So yeah, the reason you struggle is not sorc, you just need to train more and GIT GUD

never said i get tossed. just saying theyre op. i do just fine. my team always struggles and i get an L because everyone is so impatient. sorc CC is TOO LONG. her cooldowns are TOO SHORT. the combo of major CC and high dmg isnt fair