Balance Patch coming with Artist?

With the Upload of the Artist video and Patch Notes, I did not see any Class Balance. Did they not say that the Class Balance would also come in March? is it coming with Artist or what’s up.

patch notes? what are you smoking they havent released any patch notes for the patch yet that happend the day before the patch.

and yes the balance patch will be the same date like the roadmap said

Lost Ark Academy - Artist Advanced Class - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG what is this then? since i might be wrong cus you know… i’ve been smoking


where in this do you see patch notes?

Read the last part where they say that also we can expect balance changes, quality of life, the 48 vs 48 and the 3 ark pass.

Looking Ahead

The Artist and the progression events aren’t all we have planned for the March Update— the 48v48 PvP Tulubik Battlefield releases along with quality of life updates, balance changes, new events, cosmetics, and the third Ark Pass! Stay tuned to and our social media channels for the full list of updates in next week’s Release Notes. Until then, we’ll see you in Arkesia.

the new cube/boss come with artist too? @Roxx please, say something to us, to prepare us.

nope, that’s something to come with voldike it’s related to content, not independant

kr got it few weeks ago, will take time till we get it so → no.

it was already mentioned in the roadmap that we get the balance patch in March…

folks should learn to read.

also they wrote it in the Advanced class article.

The new cube is related to content in Elgacia and beyond. There is no reason it would come now. It isn’t a QoL update, it is a content update related to content we don’t have yet.

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