Balanced Guardians and Abyss Trials

What is the holdup on implementing these? It would encourage group play with friends across all tiers. My discord has become a sweaty rat race between the higher lvls, and the lower ilvl guys getting discouraged by listening to the gripes. Pair this with the lack of social systems in general, it’s getting tiring.

The first abyss dungeons I did with my friends at launch, was exciting and fun. Now we are all over 1400, swinging peen and competing, while our lower level friends can barely do anything with us. Some can do Argos p1, p2, p3 others can’t , some on Nakrasena, some on Belganus and some in between.

The introduction of the balanced content needs to happen last month! This will be a massive boost to the overall health of the game and mentality of the players, Materials aside, we need some FUN. MMO is not meant to be played alone.


Wish they would add checkpoints to argos so I can play with friends that cant do the full run yet :frowning:

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