Ball is in their court

TLDR: this is not a game is dying post. Game feels rather alive to me. Just feels like the ball is in Amazon/Smilegate’s court to address the issues the community has.

The pressure feels on for the roadmap or some sort of answers regarding a lot of topics. Now we have large, medium, small, content creators and their pets with videos about how the pressure is on a the issues ingame needs to be addressed. We even have other regions confused as to what is happening in our version.
A simple statement/tweet etc could quell some flames

We have the “dead zone” with none of the extra materials sources; not even talking honing changes here which could be addressed but, the lack of the other materials generators = our materials take more/we get less/ update our gear at a fraction.

Lack of classes updates(pretend the roadmap leak isn’t real)

Lack of cosmetics

Lack of a roadmap

I’m sure this is post number 999 on this topic but, I really feel like this week something should be said at least.

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Good starting point is buffing honing rates. Theres no downside, only the “but i wasted my mats already” Guys

Fast and simple solution, if they dont do it idk why

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Think the biggest issue is they’ve been holding onto the ball for a while now without passing it, feels like it’s taking a long time for them to address these issues and its causing frustration in the community. More urgent communication is needed from AGS


Fk those who say “b-but i wasted my mats give me compesation”, i wasted my mats as well but i dont care at all i just want the game to be better for everyone asap

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I’m at 1370 and I don’t want compensation, I want the boosted rates for other people and my alts. Current rates compounded with lack of mats, the bot problem, the false ban problem, the crappy customer service regarding the bans, the “hotfixes” that aren’t actually hotfixes, the bot chat spam all need be addressed. (on top of things like more skins, the roadmap etc)

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Shadow banning anyone with a negative view. Changing their opinions to positive ones while banning main accounts who can’t edit or reply. AGS is an absolute trash tier company when it comes to game management.

Yeah i also have 2 alts on t3 and im into 1350something in one of them but is needed and will benefit everyone in the long run

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We need to remind them the ball is in their court or theyll think they wont be held accountable.

They keep saying “oh this needs time”. NO it doesnt need time. You can implement the honing changes this week, with this weeks thursday patch. The honing changes have no bearing on the rest of the roadmap and is something they can add NOW.


You can’t really hold AGS accountable, because they don’t give a damn what we think. We need smilegate to obliterate the contract with AGS, and find a publisher that doesn’t reek of ass passing through an onion.

We can do all we can do here, keep calling them out. Dont let them forget, demand answers. They cant censor us all

The roadmap is the thing I’m waiting on (which hopefully would address the other points you mentioned)

Once that’s out, at least we can know what and what not to expect for the next 6 months, year or however long that roadmap ends up being. And then decide what we want to do going forward and how much time we want to put into this game.

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It would have been easier if you said: “We want the KR/RU version”. :slight_smile:

Actually this! What time? You have the numbers. You know what’s up. The Korean players already said they experimented on them with these rates and the deadzone and they have since alleviated it. You could patch the rates in during tomorrows patch. The other content like South Vern etc. I get if that needs some time but, SAY SOMETHING to us.

Bingo! That’s exactly what we want. AGS’s butchered Frankenstein lost ark is absolute ass.