Ban bussing remove raid limits

I want to play with my friends, my friends and I dont always align with time off work etc.

It doesn’t make sense that I can run valtan, die on ghost phase just to be carried to victory. Others don’t want their time wasted. I respect that. But I cannot run it again without making a whole other alt and building it to 1415+ with accessories just to play valtan again.

Make rewards limited to 1 collection per week, sure. Stop limiting our experience of the game.


btw not responding to anyone on this post. You can all complain and SJW bussing idc. This is feedback for the devs not you.


It’s weekend. Chances you will get a reply from CM is close to 0

Out of 450+ staff members on the forums you only have 1-3 CMs/staff member active XD GL having response within a month or if any at all

But koreans love bussing?
SGs did not do anything about it.
We inherited that part of the game.

dude replied to his own thread before anyone else could

bussing aint going anywhere


Well I can kindof agree to this one…or atleast add a practice mode like Clown and brelshaza.
Promote learning parties, will improve new player experience greatly.

maybe do this for only the normal version of the raid and not hard? like heroic and normal on WOW where lockouts are per character whereas on mythic lockouts are instance based.
sure this would encourage bussing normal but most people will do normal maybe 1-2 week and hone to hardmode so theres not much demand for it.

Pls let me ship dispatch legion raids.

It’s not that they love bussing. Game requires people to get a bus. Imagine u create a new alt and need argos gear, but u need a good engraving to clear it. Would u buy a legendary gear or would u wait and buy a relic gear instead? U either get bus or need friends or guildies to bus u.

If you want to run with your friends then wait for them to get on and do your raids then… it’s not that hard!