Ban for no reason - does anyone know what can help me?

Hi, I’m using google translate

I can’t create topics on my main account

I tried to log into my account on 7/18/22 and was greeted with a ban message for “Cheating”

Tried to appeal via ticket and live chat but all I get in response is always the same Crtl+c/Crtl+v
“you have violated term 3 of the code of conduct and your ban is valid”
I play fair, I never did anything mentioned in term 3, nobody tells me the real reason for this ban.

I’ve seen posts with people with the same problem here on the forum, getting the same answers in their tickts.

I even found some people willing to help me in the live chat but apparently without success

I’m trying it here as a last resort, I really don’t know what else to do.

Steam acc: schwann123
Main char: Boeingg
Server: Kazeros-SA

I’ve been using the same steam account for a long time and I’ve never been banned from any game


help please! @Roxx @Shadow_Fox


@Roxx @Shadow_Fox, look this case… please!!!


help please! @Roxx @Shadow_Fox


@Roxx @Shadow_Fox Please take a look! we need our friend for GVG


This is unfair ags!!! Help us @Roxx @Shadow_Fox


@Roxx @Shadow_Fox, look this case… please!!!

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help please! @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

bro wtf is this

CMs and forum staff don’t have the ability to handle account bans.

Have to deal with the appeals team. They can be a pain to deal with but it is your only recourse for getting unbanned.

2 new accounts and a returning account that hasn’t made a single comment in 5 months. 10 total replies. Kinda sus unless he literally got people from in-game to make forum accounts just to spam CMs.

These people are my friends and part of my guild, we do gvg match every weekend, everyone is worried about this situation


If you get an answer here they’ll tell you to make a ticket on the direct “Support” section of the website. They can’t do anything here. Can’t or don’t want to either or.

Hello @suppboeing,

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum, I’m really glad to see you are here at the forums and hope you can enjoy your time here!

Regarding your concern I totally understand your frustration, the ban appeal is a process that can only be conducted through this link: Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games not Live chat, nor anyone here at the forum have the possibility to review this since we don’t have access to it.

The ban appeal is always reviewed by an specialized team of agents that take the final decision, whether is keeping the ban or remove it.

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!


If the live chat agent told you the permanent ban was because of violating term 3 of the code of conduct that means you have either engaged in RMT or botting. If that’s not true, then the ban appeal that was linked should get you unbanned.

The accounts are new because we don’t use the forum, but we are all from the same guild! @Elp

Another 2 people from the guild were banned by article 3 and have already been unbanned for being innocent! @Vurewa

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@Roxx @Shadow_Fox help please and look carefully at his case

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox help please! A good player! I see no reason for this ban

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox Please help here

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox look this please!