Ban information needs to be made more clear!

No I am not one of the people who got caught up in the banwave. But this seems to be a recurring issue with AGS.

Bans needs to provide the following information (Example):

You were banned for Code of conduct violation: Cheating
Sub-Category: Unapproved use of third party programs.

Etcetera. To not provide information to players who spent hundreds of hours, or even dollars is very very bad customer service. I understand you dont want to provide information like “Banned for using X Bot at X time. - Player was skipping around and auto turning in quests”. We get that. but you NEED to give the player a general idea as to what happened so they can either correct the behavior or properly dispute the ban if it was unwarranted.


In Europe it’s also apparently illegal fyi, so maybe those banned ppl should just sue them

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I agree, people have a right to know why they are being banned.

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