Ban lifted, but account not unbanned

Yesterday I got my ban appeal approved and my account unbanned (my suspension was unrelated to the current false ban wave). I have also subsequently been reassured that my account “has no ban”.


I still cannot access my Lost Ark account despite following all instructions provided to me.

I turned off IPv6 in the adapter settings, I reinstalled the game and verified the integrity of game files through Steam, I repaired Easy Anti Cheat, I made sure Windows Firewall is not blocking Lost Ark.

I believe the source of the problem isn’t on my end, because I still see this error message on Lost Ark Forums when I try logging in with the affected account linked to Amazon/Steam:

I think my account wasn’t properly unbanned in the first place.

Character name: Xintrellix
Server: Armen

Hi @clobazam

I will close this topic due to is being worked on this other you posted : Got unbanned from AGS - still can't log into the game - #4 by clobazam

Thank you for the understanding.
Enjoy your week.