Ban or A Warning or What?


I was recently told through a live ticket something different from the emails i got from amazon support. i can’t message the appeal department as they wouldn’t reply anymore. Does this mean i’m not banned and its just a warning on my account or was it a mistake and they realized I didn’t cheat? I really annoying that it is so unclear what is happening. Also, my account is currently playable.

The appeal response:


We reviewed the information you provided on appeal and have confirmed that the original disciplinary action was merited in your case. We take instances of Cheating seriously as it is harmful to the community and violates section Play fair of our Code of Conduct ( ).

As a result, your Lost Ark account remainpermanently banned.

We understand this may not be the result you hoped to receive, but based on the information provided in your appeal, we can’t change the penalty applied.

If you still feel that you were mistakenly penalized despite following all rules in the Amazon Games Code of Conduct, we would appreciate it if you could provide further evidence to substantiate your appeal.

Thank you,

Amazon Games Customer Service
Best regards,
Amazon Game Studios

Ban Appeal response:

Amazon’s response:


We initiated a new review based on the information you provided on appeal and have reconfirmed our initial decision that the original disciplinary action was merited in your case.

We understand this may not be the result you hoped to receive. However, please understand that we’ve looked into your case carefully and that any further appeals on this issue will not result in a different outcome.

We hope you can understand why we take violations of our code of conduct seriously as these can be harmful to the overall community and integrity of the game experience for all.

As these situations can be contentious, we need to reserve the right to determine what constitutes fair play and to take corrective action when we deem necessary, to protect the community at large.

Further correspondence on this matter won’t receive a response.

We appreciate your understanding.
Best regards,
Alex V.
Amazon Game Studios

Live ticket

Revanth [5:57:33 PM] : It seems that the moderation team has removed the ban after your appeal on 16th.

Revanth [5:57:46 PM] : Anything else, I can help you with?

Me [5:57:54 PM] : so the account is unbanned?

Revanth [5:58:17 PM] : Yes.

Me [5:58:19 PM] : what about the messages tho

Me [5:58:29 PM] : saying that it would remain banned?

Me [5:59:03 PM] : and the appeals emails

Revanth [5:59:06 PM] : It means you are warned and will be banned if caught for cheating.

Me [6:00:09 PM] : alrighty well i guess i’ll only play the game on my home pc to avoid problems in the future

Revanth [6:00:33 PM] : Awesome!

Revanth [6:00:40 PM] : Anything else, I can help you with?3.

Me [6:01:37 PM] : no ty

Me [6:01:46 PM] : can i have these messaergs sent to my email?

Me [6:01:50 PM] : *messages

Me [6:02:06 PM] : some sort of log

Revanth [6:02:42 PM] : I’m sorry but we don’t have an option to send the chats.

Update: i got this email as well


This is Avesh from Amazon Games. I hope this email finds you well.
Thanks for reaching out to us regarding the concern in Lost Ark. This is a follow up email on our conversation earlier today.
I would like to inform you that the message you received was a warning which means continued behavior could result in penalty.
As of now there is no active penalty on the account.
Thanks for all the patience!


If your account is playable then you are not banned, this was likely a false positive. Glad you got your account back :slightly_smiling_face:

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I hope so but the messages make zero sense and even though i wasn’t hacking they are at least treating it as a warning which is ;/

The emails are entirely autogenerated.

Exceptionally bad customer service by Amazon – and it hasn’t changed since launch.

Just keep appealing and you’ll eventually get it overturned if you’re innocent.

Hello @navester,

I am sorry to hear you feel the ban was not correctly applied but this matter subject has already been addressed in the following post: Account Falsely Perm Banned For Cheating - #37 by Fenrirskoll

I will be locking this thread from further posts in order to keep information centralized. :wolf: