Ban policy needs to change

Greetings folks and especially @Community-Team

Some side Infos first.
This is not a Ban appeal or anything. Just my thoughts on the current state.

We know that, I belive, @Roxx statet “as long as we use the auction house like it’s intended we don’t need to worry”

Then some rumor spreaded about auto flag/ban system and stuff.

  • And I thought it’s the usual forum theater.

Than the first guildmate got banned. And he got a perma - reason RMT. He said something about a 150k necklace but, I didn’t believed him and denied him access to the guild on his new char cause I have a zero tolerance for RMT in my guild.

But now a second guildmate got banned, but only for 3 weeks - reason cheating?? He wrote the support, made a ban apeal and he got an answer like “our specialist confirmed that u received gold from an verified realmoneytrader”.

What even is that? I mean

  • if it’s a “real money trader” who bought gold - ban him. Don’t ban the dudes he buys stuff from.

  • but if it’s a “real money trader” who sells gold, why would he sell gold for an t3 mediocre pala necklace?

Well anyway, he said that he sold an necklace for 75k in the auction house. He was one of many ppl sitting on alot of gold from shard bag flipping and I think didn’t needet to buy gold so I tend to belive him.

Now my concern with all this rumors and brel on the horizon - the first Ester stones and ancient accessories will go for 200-500k. We need changes.

Please, Give us live support back. You really feel helpless if there is no one u can talk to. If it’s true what he claims. An actual live support dude could have looked in this specific case, see that he really just sold an expenisv item and lift his ban. With the ban appeals it doesn’t feel transparent at all and I tent to belive the rumors more and more with the autoflag system. Im just wanna play the game without the fear of getting banned if I get a lucky droop early.


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Today I dropped a +5 grudge +3 adrenaline with crit and spec and 97 quality. There are only 2 in the market with a quality above 90 and I set 130k bid 200k buyout as a price. I had to make a video just so I have some proof that it was a legit sell in case the forum posts are true. Let’s see what happens.

EDIT: 9/10/2022 Sold for 180k nothing happened so far.

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The shopkeepers are getting arrested because someone bought items with counterfeit money

True Clown Patch right here

they can bypass bans now, they launder items through dummy accounts to main and sell there

Or maybe.
The minimal amount of players compared to the community complaining about problems like that are trying to play innocent.

Trying to hide their rmt by buying gems to fuse and sell


And when they get banned they come here with some made up story
About the world being unfair to them

And people who believe them are afraid
And spam threats like these

To ask for changes to a not even confirmed problem


Moral of the story is reject one dude and don’t reject the other from your guild… both suspected of RMT … :slight_smile:

Don’t get lost in the background story the main topic is that we need live support to prevent stuff like dis. Even if both guild mates lied to me - with live support this can no longer happen. Cause they will have someone to talk to.