Ban RMTers now. Our players are out of patience

You should check the contents in this forums. It seems like our legit NA players are almost out of patience now after experienced disappointments again and again. Do not want to barely use automated scripts to fight against scripts. It is almost useless, since you are always slower than bots developers. The only way is permaban RMTers, solving the issue from the source. I know you may have some concerns to do so, but please check those posts in this forum, after several months, we can’t endure this anymore!!!You have enough time to improve and let us see some good results. However, it gets worse.


If they even did gold removal on a majority of offenders the problem would vanish. They barely punish anyone which is why it’s so rampant.

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ahhhh this reminds me of new world forums back on nov 2021. But its Good Different.


player ask to deal with rmt for months -AGS: sleep , Mari shop down in 15sec -AGS : real shjt


Did you know that when other regions remove gold or do negative gold balances for RMT that they also give the player an option to pay a fee and have the removed gold reversed? You won’t hear that from KR or Russian streamers but it’s 100% facts

hell yeah! Mari Shop = Money Generator. if it’s having issues then it gotta get fixed IMMEDIATELY! then you got people buying gold from bots. meh i don’t think that’s a problem let’s take a nap!


Don’t bother. Devs and team are happily taking days off in the weekends and bots know it - that’s why they crack down on the servers hard. B.o.t farms know that on weekends they can safely operate.

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what these morons don’t realize is that every time someone buys bot gold they don’t magically get a cut from it at all, it goes to the bot farms pockets instead. They lose millions of dollars in sales. I guess they like losing money

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Unless AGS is running the bots and controls the whole market…

Thats actually what I’m thinking nowadays no way you can say “Hey we have 800k concurrent players but we barely profit, it is what it is” like how can you explain this to your boss when the time comes.

I mean really…the bots have run rampant from launch. Small indie company cant control the bots? It just seems more likely that ‘Amazon is running the bots’ at this point than ‘They dont know how to deal with them’. It’s not even a new game, they have had years of it running in Korea and all of of a sudden their anti-cheat dosent stop the botting? It’s a plague atm with 20k queues being common now.

@coldocha AGS staff are aware and are working on solutions. You are not alone in feeling this way.

So these transactions that are out in the open for anyone to see have been traced and PERMANENTLY banned already, correct?


With all due respect, this has an ongoing issue for months and the ‘solutions’ that these teams have come up with are easily bypassed, a day at most after implementation.

Their methods are not working as the bots come back in greater and greater numbers every single time something new gets put in place. Leadership needs to take a harder stance on those who participate in RMT. No more excuses. They also need to lock down the NAW region to prevent new accounts from being created until they have adequate systems in place to combat the bots, such as hiring staff to monitor in game activity, to handle player reports timely, etc.

The team keeps trying to rely strictly on automated systems to try and keep bots away but that should not be the only method employed. As much as you need a team actively at work developing new and better tools to detect bots, there also needs to be a team in game to monitor player activity, handle player reports, check auction house, etc.

Until then, any and all statements regarding the team ‘working’ on the issue, on taking it ‘seriously’ are not going to be reassuring to any NAW customers suffering through this bot invasion.

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hey genius how about we first start actually punishing RMTers and see how that goes? U guys already have the ability to temp ban RMT so just Perma ban. Its actually insane that u guys saw new world crash and burn and now ur seeing Lost Ark crash and burn and u aren’t doing anything to stop it.

this right here, fking AGS showing their true colors

They still don’t seem very concerned, and that’s part of the problem.

why dont ban them 1 day for every 1k gold they buy?? instead of 1 day and keeping all his juicy gear +25 100 quality and all gems lvl 10

Step 1: Lock all servers for a month or so…maybe more if Step 2 takes longer than expected
Step 2: Find and perma ban all RMTers
Step 3: Slowly unlock servers starting with newer/low population

Where there is a will, there is a way…but yeah, I don’t see AGS being willing to do this lol