Ban Teamplay in solo event PVP islands!

Make guild and name tags invisible at first, so they cant identify in the heat of battle. Really annoying to go for solo events (pvp wise and facing teams). Should be punishable!

okay… so you want to punish people working together in an mmo?

It´s an activity like everythink else i guess.

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Clearly not, i want to punish people abusing a system by teaming which is obviously ment to be playing FFA

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Litteraly impossible to get chests if there’s a team

If you’re talking about lush reed, then I would strongly recommend to just camp it one at the chest in the narrow west side of the map or the one at the mokoko seed gate.

Then after the event is over, stick around to 10 mins and camp out at one of the pre-determined spawns and wait till it spawns.

If the map shows a chest spawned in the north and middle, then everybody is fighting over those two spawned chest while you could just wait at the south or west spawns then instantly grab it.

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