Ban Una Task's gold on new accounts

Please make it so new accounts under 30 days old cannot recieve those Una task gold. This will eliminate some bots.

Lad… you are toying with dangers unfathomable by suggesting that.

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Danger for who? Danger for the 12k queue

Or start charging 20 bucks for the game.

For the forum server for when people mass reply to you :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, that isn’t a good idea, it is bad enough they took away gold from quest rewards, to remove Una tasks wouldn’t help either.

After all the majority of the income for bots is Chaos Dungeons and selling the stones.

Here is one farming livestreaming check out the stacks of Guardian Stones he has, that is about 19k gold per stack.

This is a horrid idea. Imagine getting to 50 after a week of starting… and then having to wait a full month to get any tokens?

That’s trash.

Again that wouldn’t make a difference, the bot farms make a lot of money, $20 per bot account that doesn’t get touched for weeks on end, is little to what they would make in that time.

I guess then they gotta ban the RMT for life from all Amazon services.

Believe it or not the Russians have the right idea, to hit the gold buyers with a negative balance equal to what they bought.

They bought 200k gold, they get a -200k balance, and have to earn it back. How many would remain in the game to do that? Not many, some may start another account and try again, but if they keep paying for that gold and be hit with a negative balance each time, they are then bleeding their own money.

Eventually word gets about, bot farms then shy away from the Russian market as their buyers are falling in numbers.

So all they have to do is that, and also make honing mats in Chaos Dungeons roster bound. Simple.

But AGS doesn’t want that, because they have to then talk to Smilegate who then has to talk to the Korean Devs to get it all implemented. AGS is just essentially a publisher with no control over the content - that is the reality, smilegate has some control.

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The single worst post on this entire forum in the history of its existence.

The single most useless response on this entire forum in the history of its existence.

The thing AGS is not even catching these people