Banned due to steam flag

I purchased a pack on steam after playing the game, but steam flagged the purchase as fraudulent. Furthermore steam doesn’t reply to messages(or it takes forever). Steam then REFUNDS the purchase. FORCED ONTO ME btw. Now AGS flags my account as fraud and bans me. I barely hit level 40 on my FIRST CHARACTER, now im banned. is there any way you can assists me? I cant even appeal because since the steam account is linked to fraudulent activity, the appeal system wont let me link my steam account with my amazon account.
I can provide all screenshots showing the refund was forced onto me.

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Hello @Saphoenix2,

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I’m sorry to hear your account got banned because of this misunderstanding, however the appeals are handle by a different team because of that on forums we are unable to assist. In this case will be better to solve the issues with your account on steam via Steam Support and then follow the correct appeal process under Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games. When submitting the appeal, make sure to provide all the evidence to support your appeal.

We also can’t discuss anything related to bans in the forums so I can’t provide any extra information about bans.

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