Banned for Amazon Error - No AGS help or response to original ticket

Hello! I’ve been dealing with an issue for over a week now, and at first I was willing to wait, but at this point I feel like I’ve exhausted all chat/phone options available. Some people suggested I post here as there is a possibility i may get assistance from the forums. If it’s at all helpful my main characters name is Rumer & I can provide the ticket number if at all helpful.

I purchased the gold founder’s pack on the 8th, and on the 10th decided that I liked the game enough that I wanted the platinum one as well.

On the 11th I got an email from Amazon that they suspected fraudulent activity on my account and that I’d have to change my password. This seemed weird because I’ve had the same payment method on there for years & have two factor enabled, but after contacting support about it they said nothing negative would happen, i just needed to change my password.

Later that day both of my founder’s packs were revoked, and i contacted both Amazon chat support, Amazon phone support and eventually AGS over a span of like, five hours. The AGS agent I spoke with over the phone instructed me to repurchase both packs on the same card & redeem the codes on the same account and everything would be fine. I asked about potential action being taken against my account and the AGS agent assured me that if i repurchased the pack everything would be fine.

I was banned for code of conduct on the 13th.

I contacted AGS again, and informed them of the issue & asked for the best information to provide to prove that the entire situation was caused both without my consent or approval and that I had gone above and beyond to rectify the issue as soon as it was an issue to ensure the safety of my account.

It’s been 7 days with no response. I included screenshots, i included timestamps & names of the amazon agents that i spoke to, i documented everything i possibly could and included it in my appeal & have consistently reached out to support for an updated ETA or any information that they can give me and no one has said a single thing.

it’s super disheartening because a) i didn’t do anything wrong and b) tried my best to prevent anything negative happening and I’m still receiving 0 information. Not even a response saying that they stand my their initial decision so that i can get a refund on the second founder’s packs AGS instructed me to buy to avoid this situation happening in the first place.

If it would be at all helpful, I have screenshots of the original emails where I was informed of the suspected fraudulent activity as well as proof of the repurchase of both packs. The chat conversations & phone conversations I had were with Amazon support so there should be a papertrail of that. I’ve documented as much as I can & am willing to provide it all if it’d be at all helpful. I just want my account back.

HI there, I hope you are doing OK

I do apologize for any incoveniences, however we don’t have the tools to handle ban appeals via forums. We’ll have to wait for the response from the ticket created by my colleague or submit a ban appeal: Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games

Thank you for your understanding.

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