Banned for cheating. I didn't cheat

/edit: I finally received the data log from Amazon

penaltyTypeName penaltyCreatedDate penaltyExpirationDate penaltyStatus penaltyId type productName
Coin Seller / Gold Spammer (PB) 05/11/2022 16:57 UTC Banned eCUNtIABmvYT3j4Hqjqe Permanent Lost Ark

Not a single time was I told this was the reasoning for my ban. I have never posted anything that resembled a gold selling message anywhere. Not even as an obvious joke.

Like many many many people here I was banned for cheating yet I didn’t cheat in any way.

I used no bots.

I used no macro tool even for something like the “Play 150 songs achievement”. If you ask players I bet 10% of them did.

I bought no RMT as I am educated and know that’s why there’s bots and dislike them. Plus I enjoy earning my own way through a game. Once I sent my wife (the person I did almost every one of her guardians and abysses with) all of my guardian and destruction stones so she could hit 1370. She couldn’t send them back due to brilliant anti-bot measures so she sold them all losing 5-10% of their value and bought a gem for an over-inflated price from me.

This wasn’t what got me banned however. Like many here I was banned by the toxic masses of real players abusing the report button that has far more power than it should.

I posted that I wanted to sell my stronghold conviction rune. Unlocking this rune takes about 3-5 hours of effort, plus the effort of getting all the rapport items, and then getting lucky having the merchant show up. All of these requirements let you sell it… once. Yet people go ballistic with greed and entitlement wanting it for free.

So I included a message to copy and paste in my notepad to sell it for a measly 500-2000g. Then people who have the above feelings reported me and if the same message gets reported enough you get instantly banned.

No warning. No reasonable consequence. Even muting the player that the angry horde decides shouldn’t be able to send messages is too much but even that doesnt happen. Just a permanent ban.

Then you appeal via the appeal forums and get the same message every time. “You cheated you’re permabanned.”. Bye 1000+ hours of gameplay. Bye $160+++ of unrefundable in game purchases.

No customer support number to talk to. No reasonable appeal system where you can show evidence that you didn’t in fact cheat. No data scientists that could easily identify who is and isn’t a bot.


My character was “Chïcky” on “Una”

I had a 50 person guild that I spent months building. As I played all day I was well known in the server and liked by many. I helped answer questions about the game all day.

Now I will never play an Amazon games studio game ever again as I hear the customer support and EAC was the exact same in New World.




people will only flame you on the forum. You should submit a ticket. Hope you solve your problem


Selling Conviction rune is lame to begin with, but dont feel you shouldve been banned.
Advertising any service for gold etc via area chat seems to be detected as an automated ban it seems. Its a definite flaw in the system for sure.

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also if you got banned, its only a 3 day ban, just wait it out. Happened to a friend, he sent in a ticket, they took 4 hours to reply with an automated email saying the ban is justified and to suck it up and wait out the ban timer.

I highly recommend you avoid area chat. This is why I avoid area chat now and only communicate with people in town. There are too many trolls in the game, who knows what thing you say will offend them.


I am on una and have several guildies selling the rune and no issues. I think there was something else for why you were flagged that is either unknown or you are not telling us.

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Maybe spammed it, I dont know. Someone couldve reported him, theres alot of variables.

The problem with submitting tickets on Amazon is that it just generates an automated message. You try to contact Live Chat and they state they can’t do anything but to contact the moderation team. It takes around 2 months on average to get a response stating they banned you by accident. No compensation, nothing.

It is a terrible system.

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Nope it’s a perma ban. Happened to that dude who spammed faaaarrrrrrrrr more than me and got 300+ replies to his thread before Roxx unbanned him. I posted the message once or twice during my chaos+unas on alts when i’d visit the ocean

This. I wonder what it’s like at AGS… The constant miscommunication. The president or whatever leaving. The complete lack of support/game masters

Tag Roxx then, see what she says.

damn and I am related to Snoop Dogg

I doubt that @Roxx wants to do ban appeal’s job for them again unless this post gets 300+ replies

If what you say is 100% true and you didn’t RMT nor bot, then talk to the live chat. This same shit happened to me. I was selling carry runs for gold and the most dumbest people out of them all decided to report me because apparently it’s illegal, once enough of these negative IQ humans reported me I got banned for 24 hours.

So, the ban has been lifted the same day when I talked to the live chat, told them precisely there is a mistake. The guy actually listened to me and unbanned me.

Dont create a ticket, talk to the live chat.

Let me know how it goes


moral of the story, sometimes its just nice to help people out rather than putting a price on everything.


Words of wisdom, hopes people abide by this than monetizing everything in the game

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Boosting, Bussing, carries, selling achievements, etc needs to be eliminated from all gaming…


Also please do not listen to all these monkeys telling you “its better to be nice than selling something”. It is your right to do business, nothing speaks against selling a rune from your stronghold, again, it is your RIGHT. There is a lot of very unintelligent and uneducated people in this game so don’t give up.

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This sounds horrible. I remember fishing and all the sudden my fishing drops were practically zero despite using the bait buff and a leap potion.

Also for a decent amount of time, my aura based chaos runs had their named mob loot wiped completely for a good 2 months.

Right now, I’m getting normal drops from life skills and chaos dungeons.

I think there are some seriously bad anti-botting junk happening.

Yeah don’t advertise in chat. If you do, don’t post it more than once. There should be a way to get support to verify your chat/transaction history and get you cleared.

Live chat every time I tried (twice) just tells me they cant do anything and to fill out a ticket